Making it easier to pay for travel on public transport

The Opal digital card trial allowed participants to enjoy a seamless payment experience on public transport using the device they carry with them every day.



million adults pay with contactless cards, with 50.8% using a digital wallet.

Customers are increasingly choosing contactless payments in their everyday lives. A 12-month Opal digital card trial recognised these changing customer preferences, giving participants more choice and flexibility when paying for public transport.

No need to carry a physical card

An Opal pre-paid debit card stored in a digital wallet on a smartphone or watch, gave trial participants the opportunity to receive the same Opal fares and benefits without the need to carry a physical card.

By registering with Transport Connect, they could link their balance to their Opal digital card, enabling them to keep track of their transport spend separately from their everyday spend. Feedback proved the digital card offers the flexibility and convenience they are looking for.

Travelling will become more convenient

The current Opal system has delivered an exceptional service for nearly a decade, but it’s time to take it to the next level to meet the changing needs and expectations of commuters. A further $567.9 million investment in upgrades through the 2022-23 NSW Budget will see new innovation from the Opal Next Generation program. The capabilities developed and customer learnings from the digital card trial have now been extended to a new ticketing scenario exploring subscription-based pricing.

New generation of Opal

Customers will soon be able to seamlessly plan, book and pay for a range of different transport services in one place as part of the Opal+ trial currently underway. The Opal digital card continues to enable new ticketing products in limited scope trials with learnings from these trials supporting future digital ticketing options as part of the Opal Next Generation program.

“I LOVE the digital card, the app was designed in a stunning way, it’s all great!”

– Opal digital card customer

“I’ve become used to having Digital Opal in my wallet. Not having to remember the Opal card has been fantastic. It just works.”

– Opal digital card customer


Digital Opal cards were trialled in 2021, with 10,000 people taking more than 350,000 trips in 2021.


of participants indicated they would use the Opal digital card again.

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