Transforming workplace safety

The Speak Up Save Lives app provides a quick, easy and confidential way for workers to report unsafe worksites or work practices using their mobile phone.



Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. If workers see something unsafe, they are encouraged to speak up about it and tell their boss. Whether it be scaffolding too close to power lines, unsafe demolition or unlicensed removalists dismantling a storm damaged house riddled with asbestos, any number of terrible incidents could happen because of safety issues.  

Speak up anonymously

The problem is that speaking up can be intimidating, so workers often keep quiet for fear of punishment or even loss of their jobs. SafeWork NSW recognises how difficult it can be for some people to speak up and has now made the process easier.

The ‘Speak Up Save Lives’ app offers a solution to let workers report an unsafe work situation using their mobile device. Workers can choose to remain anonymous. The app is quick and easy to use. It lets people tag their location, include photos and choose to be kept updated on the issue they have reported.

“I think this site is a great way to be able to provide info anonymously. It's important for safety onsite.”

– NSW customer

“This is an excellent service. A great way to encourage business to take care of their workers and implement safer work practices.”

– NSW customer

Preventing injuries and deaths

Speak Up Save Lives has helped SafeWork NSW prevent injuries and deaths since it launched in October 2019. 

Since the launch more than 10,535 reports have been received from workers.


improvement notices have been handed out.


prohibition notices.


on the spot fines totalling $544,608.

More information is available on the Speak Up Save Lives app website.

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