Helping victims of crime get the help they deserve

The Corrective Services NSW Victims Register is making it simpler for victims of a criminal act to get the support they need during difficult times.



Victims of crime can register to receive information about their offender if the offender is serving a sentence in NSW. This includes information about the offender’s sentence, location in custody, changes in classification and impending release. The Corrective Services NSW Victims Register supports registered victims in receiving this information. 

This should be an easy to navigate, responsive and supportive process. Until recently, customers needed to be aware of the opt-in service and then had to repeat an application process to get the offender’s details. 

Keeping victims informed

The Corrective Services NSW Victims Register uses information that has previously been captured by the Witness Assistance (WAS) officers. The initiative allows the WAS officer to verify the victim’s identity, contact information and details of the offence to complete a referral process on behalf of the victim. Once the referral is received, the Corrective Services NSW Victims Register only need to ask the victim for information specific to the service to complete the registration. It removes the need for the victim to repeat sensitive and often traumatic information again. 

Giving victims control

The referral form ensures that victims of crime are referred to the Corrective Services NSW Victims Register as soon as they become eligible for registration. The opt-in referral service is available statewide to all WAS sites. Victim registrations are also accepted online or by calling the Corrective Services NSW Victims Register.

For more information, visit the Corrective Services NSW Victim Register website or call (02) 8688 6833.

“So much easier and less stressful”

– User of Corrective Services NSW Victims Register

“The form has been a huge success and they believe it’s likely increased the number of referrals by saving clients having to do it themselves."

– Manager, Witness Assistance Service

Approximately 400 victims opt-in to the Corrective Services NSW Victims Register each year.

  • 100% of Witness Assistance Service and Victims Register staff surveyed believe the referral process made it easier for victims to access the Corrective Services NSW register.
  • 90% of staff surveyed also believed the referral process reduces the number of steps that victims have to go through to become registered.

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