Enabling the Western Sydney community to shape their future

The WestInvest Community Project Grants will improve the liveability of communities and support economic growth throughout Western Sydney.



Western Sydney will grow by almost 1 million people over the next 20 years and will continue to grow faster than Sydney as a whole by 2031. It has a young, diverse and fast-growing population. The NSW Government is delivering WestInvest to support this growth and deliver transformational infrastructure and facilities in Western Sydney to improve quality of life at a local level.

Community feedback

Western Sydney is one of the most diverse and dynamic economic centres in the world with a huge cross-section of cultures and people from all walks of life. WestInvest funding is available to 15 Local Government Areas in West and South Western Sydney. The NSW Government announced the WestInvest 'Have Your Say' campaign, asking local residents to put forward ideas for community enhancing projects to ensure the area remains a great place to live now and into the future. 



'Have Your Say' consultation

  • 5414 surveys completed
  • 13,500 website views
  • 11,363 ideas contributed
  • 40% engagement rate.


Shaping local communities

The $5 billion WestInvest program aims to fund projects that will drive transformational change at a local level – allocating funds for projects focused on green and open spaces, community infrastructure, school modernisation, arts and cultural facilities, high street activation and local traffic programs.

Using the NSW Government’s ‘Have Your Say’ feedback platform, residents have been given a say in what projects they believe should be funded to improve their local communities. The information from the eligible 'Have Your Say' surveys will feed into the assessment process across the WestInvest Program.

WestInvest is a community led program with informed, capable community groups being able to compete for funds for projects to transform their communities on a local level.

For more information, visit the WestInvest Community Project Grants.

“A multipurpose community facility will provide a space for community, cultural, recreational and social building events, transforming the community that currently reside here."

– Western Sydney resident

“I’d love to see more combined bike and pedestrian paths for our family to use."

– Western Sydney resident





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