Making the transition to high school easier

This digital process for high school enrolment will make it quicker and easier for both parents and schools.



The transition from primary to high school is an exciting time for many students and their parents as they take the next step in their educational journey. But it can also be daunting with so many new experiences and challenges to navigate.

Labour intensive and paper heavy enrolment process

The year 6 to 7 transition is currently hampered by lengthy paperwork for parents, significant data entry, and duplicated effort in the transfer of information between schools. A decision on a high school enrolment can take up to 7 months to be communicated, increasing stress, confusion, and anxiety as parents and students wait to hear news.

Transition process going digital

This will soon be a thing of the past with NSW Department of Education currently taking the year 6 to 7 transition process digital. Parents will be able to complete their expression of interest online, which will be shared digitally with relevant schools. The digital system ensures parents receive regular communications about the status of the expression of interest and they can then complete an enrolment online once a high school placement is confirmed.

Online enrolment launching in 2023

Online enrolment for the year 6 to 7 transition is currently being piloted by schools and parents across the state and will be live for all public schools in the first half of 2023. This process will soon be much quicker and easier for both schools and parents, making the journey to high school less stressful.


Approximately 75,000 students make the transition from years 6 to 7 every year. 


Parents involved in the online enrolment pilot were surveyed


indicated the process was easy to use.


said the process was easy to understand.


said it saved them time.

* 79% of parents involved in the pilot enrolled digitally – the remaining did verbally or on paper.

Quotes from parents in the pilot

“Simple and easy to use.”

“This was a very quick and streamlined process.”

“Simple and easy to navigate.”

“I had absolutely no problem with the process.”

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