Enhancing business skills for NSW’s young producers​

The Young Farmer Business Program is helping young farmers and fishers become business ready and able to engage with financial lenders. 



Farming is a business. While young farmers and fishers may be knowledgeable in the skills they need for the paddock or rivers, they may need help with office skills to build better farming and fishing businesses.

The Young Farmer Business Program, delivered in partnership by the NSW Government and NSW Farmers Association, has ensured 18 to 35 year olds are business ready and able to engage with financial lenders on an equal playing field.

Focus on social media

Surveys of NSW farmers in this age group have shaped the program. Workshops have a strong focus on social media and how these tools can be used to drive engagement and build supportive networks.

Fill the knowledge gap 

Program participants gain knowledge and skills to improve social and business resilience, manage risk, execute effective plans and make decisions that ensure viability of agricultural and fishing businesses.

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The Young Farmer Business Program has had $6 million invested into it.

It will provide professional development, coaching, workshops, scholarships and mentoring to more than 8000 young farmers and fishers. 

Impact of the Young Farmer Business Program (YFBP)


said that attending YFBP events helped them build connection with other young farmers or fishers.


said that the YFBP helped them increase business knowledge and skills.


said that they had an increased belief in capacity to make good business decisions after attending a YFBP event.

Young Farmer Business Program videos


Jarrod and Emma Amery reflect on business coaching

Watch more videos from the Young Farmer Business Program


Billy Browning reflects on business coaching

"One of the most exciting things out of the program is we've now got this network of other young guys in a similar stage of their businesses and their careers, and we can now lean on each other externally and bounce ideas off."

– Billy Browning, Broadacre and irrigated cropping, Narromine NSW

"Before we started this coaching program, I just used to treat it like a job. Go to work, catch fish. The harder I worked, I thought, the more money I would get. But since being involved in this program, we've learnt how to work smarter, not harder."

– Danny Green, Trap and line fishing, Coffs Harbour NSW

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