Respect my time

Being respectful of time is key to a positive experience for customers using our services.




Customers have told us that being respectful of their time is important. We have listened and are committed to making the experience of accessing government services much quicker and easier.

We’re creating connected customer journeys and integrating services across all of NSW Government, so customers only need to tell us once without having to repeat information about themselves or their circumstances over and over. Good customer experiences can save effort and give time back to customers.

Here’s what customers told us

We asked customers to rate their experience with a government service to understand how we are tracking against our commitment to respect their time.

“Respect of time is essential in these post-COVID days, we are busy being busy, and life admin is building up astronomically. If a process is fast and easy, it means I can get it done, [and] not have to schedule it to do when I get life admin time. ”

Female, 39 years, Regional NSW 1


How customers are experiencing our our services

Our customers explain the positive impact of services that respect their time, making it quick and easy to get what they need.



Respect my time

Respect my time case studies

Learn how services are being improved to give customers their time back.



Making the planning system easier for homeowners

The ePlanning Program reduces development assessment times, increases transparency and builds homeowner confidence in the NSW planning system.



Making the loss of someone a little less stressful

The Australian Death Notification Service lets families notify multiple organisations of a death through one simple and secure online platform, reducing the number of difficult conversations.



World’s first ‘sludge-a-thon’ to ease government interaction

The sludge-a-thon is an exciting opportunity to rapidly improve customer experience by identifying and eliminating sludge from government processes and services.

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Case studies

See examples of how we embed a customer focused approach to services, programs and initiatives.


Find out how our customers are experiencing our services. They include the people, communities and businesses of NSW.

Customer Commitments

Read about our promise to customers on what to expect when interacting with our services.

Key metrics

Find how State of the Customer reports on our goal to deliver easy, effective, and trustworthy services.


See a range of services we deliver that cater to customers with different needs and circumstances.


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About the Customer Commitments data

1 NSW Government Customer Experience Qualitative Research, Q1 2022.

CXS Source: NSW Government Customer Experience Survey (CXS). About the survey methodology.

Fieldwork: January to June 2022. 
Questions: Thinking about your experience with the government service… we would like your opinion on the process you went through. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the statements below.
Base: Customers who have interacted with government services in the last 12 months 
Sample sizes: ‘Respect my time’ Customer Commitments (various n=11007 to 11504) 
Definitions and notes: Responses to the Customer Commitment questions are calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Strongly agree’ or ‘Somewhat agree’ and it excludes ‘Not applicable’ responses.

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