Regional NSW, make the move

If you are looking to have more time for yourself and your family, or escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then why not make the move to regional NSW:

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Lifestyle benefits

Learn about the benefits of living in regional NSW from the people who have made the move. Veiw their stories and hear first hand accounts of essential workers living in the regions.

Support you with settling in

The Welcome Experience is a new service providing essential workers and their families with the support they need to settle in and become one of the locals.

Incentives available

Take advantage of the generous incentives available for working in rural and remote locations.

Find job opportunities for your partner

There are more than 23,000 jobs available in regional NSW. 

Essential workers start your journey

Regional towns and cities are calling out for more nurses, teachers, police officers, child protection caseworkers, firefighters and other essential workers to join their communities and provide much needed access to critical services.

More than a third of the state’s population lives in regional NSW with more people choosing to relocate every day. With thriving towns and cities boasting a diverse range of industries, businesses, people, communities and cultures, you’ll love life in regional NSW. 

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Stories from around the state - regional NSW, make the move

Marlise made the move

Marlise is an Early Childhood Nurse based in Walgett 

Walgett Marlise moved to Walgett NSW to work as an early childhood health nurse in 2021, after leaving the busy Northern Beaches of Sydney. The slower pace of regional living, absence of traffic and the spacious surroundings suit Marlise’s active lifestyle. 

Based at Walgett and extending her care to four other towns, she is able to make a real difference in the area. Marlise values the precious hours saved daily and the freedom to enjoy open space for her canine companion. Marlise thinks the transition from fast city life to regional pace is the envy of city colleagues. 

“The time I save in commuting gives me three hours back a day I didn't have in the city.”

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Regional NSW welcomes you

The Welcome Experience is an exciting new service providing essential workers and their families with the support they need to move into regional communities, settle in and become one of the locals.

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