Changing your licence or customer number

If the security of your driver licence number or Transport for NSW customer number has been compromised or been used fraudulently, you may apply for a new number.

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Transport for NSW will consider issuing a new driver licence or customer number only when we are satisfied:

  • the security of your NSW driver licence has been compromised, or
  • your NSW driver licence has been used fraudulently.

To apply for a new driver licence or customer number, the customer must report the incident to police and obtain a police event number or a ReportCyber Receipt (CIRS) number.

However, a new licence number will not necessarily stop your previous licence number and associated licence details from being used for fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, Transport for NSW cannot prevent an external organisation from accepting your previous licence without checking its validity.  

Photo cards, mobility parking permits and boat licences

NSW Photo Cards do not contain a customer number, so the loss or theft of a photo card is not grounds to seek a new customer number. You should still cancel and replace your photo card if it is stolen.

Similarly, Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permits, boat and personal watercraft licences are not official proof of identity documents. Loss or theft of a disability parking permit or maritime licence is not grounds for seeking a new customer number, but you may apply for a new card.

How to apply

To apply for a new licence or customer number, you must:

  1. Report the theft or incident to police and obtain a Police Event or ReportCyber Receipt (CIRS) Number. Where a single event affects multiple customers, Transport for NSW may accept a Police event or CIRS number for all affected customers.
  2. Complete a Replacement Driver Licence/Customer Number Application (PDF, 309.97 KB) form.
  3. Attend a service centre with your proof of identity documents - one from List 1 and one from List 2, excluding Transport for NSW-issued cards.
  4. If you have received formal notification that your NSW driver licence has been the subject of a data breach, or you have evidence of fraudulent activity, bring this along too.

Tips to help protect your identity

Using your licence as identification

Businesses often ask for a driver licence as a way to prove your identity to them. When doing so, keep in mind that this can increase the risk of identity theft. To help reduce the risk, remember that:

  • businesses only need to sight your driver licence as proof of identity
  • there is no legal obligation for them to take a photocopy or photograph of your driver licence
  • if a business insists on taking a photocopy of your driver licence, ask them to obscure your driver licence number when they take a copy.

Cancelling a licence when it's no longer in use

If you no longer require a driver licence because you have moved interstate or overseas, or a relative is deceased, notify Transport for NSW so the licence record can be cancelled. This will prevent the licence from being used illegally by someone else.

Updating your address

You must by law notify Transport for NSW of a change of address within 14 days. This will also prevent mail sent to your old address being used unlawfully.

Safeguarding your identity

See Safeguard your identity on the NSW Government website for information on:

  • how your identity can be stolen
  • how you can protect yourself against identity theft.
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