Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405) – Rollover

This temporary visa is for self-funded retirees who have no dependents and want to live in Australia during their retirement years.

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This visa is closed to new applicants

You can only apply for this visa if you are: 

  • an existing Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405) holder; or 

  • a former Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405) holder who has not held another substantive visa since last entering Australia. 


Visa eligibility 

To see if you’re eligible for this visa, read the Home Affairs' criteria.

Designated investment 

You must maintain a designated investment of at least A$500,000 with the NSW Treasury Corporation if you wish to reside in Sydney, or $250,000 if you wish to reside in NSW.  

How to apply 

You need to apply for NSW nomination before you can apply to Home Affairs for this visa. Applying for NSW nomination from involves the following steps: 

Apply for NSW nomination 

Apply to NSW for nomination using our online form.  

See our guide to supporting documents for information about what supporting evidence you need to supply at the time you apply to NSW. 

Pay application fee 

You (or your migration agent) will be emailed a payment link immediately after submitting your online application form. This payment link is valid for 30 minutes only. 

Your application will only be assessed after you completed the application payment. To ensure the timely assessment of your application, you must complete payment within the 30 minute timeframe. 

Application fees if you are applying from: 

  • within Australia: A$902 

  • outside Australia: A$820 

Application fees are non-refundable. Applications that remain unpaid will be closed by our office. Retain a copy of your receipt as proof of payment. 

Application processing time 

You will receive an outcome, or request for further information, within four weeks of your application payment.  

Next steps 

If your application is approved, you will receive a notification of approval by email with a signed copy of the Department of Home Affairs’ Form 1249 – State/territory sponsorship Investor Retirement visa. NSW nomination is valid for 90 days. 

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