Signage production and approval process

Infrastructure and capital works projects that receive funding in excess of $100,000 from the NSW Government must erect a sign acknowledging this. Below are the requirements for producing and approving these signs.

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Timing requirements

The funding recipient is to ensure that the project signage is installed at the project site within 30 days of the construction start date. It must remain in place until it is replaced with permanent signage.

Depending on the nature of the site, temporary signage, such as mesh banner signage on boundary fences, may sometimes be appropriate during construction. These guidelines should be used to apply to both temporary and permanent signage.

Permanent signage or a plaque must be in place within 30 days of the completion of construction, or at the time of an official facility opening (whichever is sooner). If there is no appropriate physical location to erect a sign or plaque, or it is more appropriate to place acknowledgement of-site, then this should be discussed with the funding scheme manager.

Please note

Project signage must remain in place for the minimum term of one or three years after completion of the project depending on the specifications in the acknowledgement requirements table.

Size and wording

The size of signs and the amount of information that can be included on them depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the project and the opportunity the public will have to view the information. The table below is designed to assist with the size and wording of signs.

FactorsCategory 1
(generally viewed by motorists)
Category 2
(generally viewed by pedestrians)
Project examplesRoad
Pedestrian bridge
Airport terminal upgrade
Community centre kitchen refit
High street improvements
Netball court upgrade
Refurbishment of toilet blocks to increase disability access 
Minimum sign size3000mm wide by 1600mm high
for major projects.
2000mm wide by 1400mm high
for locations where physical
space is limited.
900mm wide by 1200mm high
for projects such as bridges and
black spot programs.
The proportions of the standard
sign must be maintained when
using a smaller sign.
900mm wide by 600mm high

Where the sign should be placed

Sign should be placed at primary entrance points.
Not obscured.
In clear eyeline.
Integrated into the infrastructure if possible.

When do I need to put the sign up?A sign must be in place within 30 days of the start of construction. It may be temporary depending on the nature of the project.
How long does the sign need to stay in place for?

A permanent sign must be in place within 30 days of completion of construction and remain in place for a period of time as per the level of funding guidelines in the acknowledgement requirements table.


Please note

For signage requirements, a practical approach should be adopted.

For example, where a funding recipient believes that the signage requirements are not appropriate, a request for variation to these guidelines may be sent in writing to your funding scheme manager. 


Signs must be located in an area of high visibility to the general public and are not to be obscured by any roadside or other objects, including other information signs.

Road projects, including bridges, must have a sign at each end of the project — ensuring there is one sign visible to each direction of travel.

Photographs of signage in situ with details of their location are to be provided to your funding scheme manager.

Funding recipients are responsible for ensuring that the installation and placement of signs is conducted in a safe and appropriate manner and complies with all relevant regulations and by-laws. Where other approvals are required, such as a development application, it is the funding recipient’s responsibility to be aware of them and comply with them. 

Approvals process

Recipients are required to seek approval for all signs using the NSW Government logo, as well as other acknowledgements referencing NSW
Government funding.

Please allow a standard four weeks for the approval to be finalised. To set the
approval process in motion, contact your funding scheme manager


The recipient is responsible for ensuring that signs and plaques are made with the appropriate materials, displayed in a format that best suits the project site.

The sign should be made of a durable, weather appropriate, long-life material, such as would be used for a road sign. 

Cost responsibility

Funding recipients are responsible for the production, printing, placement and ongoing maintenance as well as seeking approval of all construction and permanent signs. Production and printing are ineligible costs for funding under the program.

Please note: The NSW Government recognises that in some instances it may be difficult for a funding recipient to meet the signage requirements laid out in this document; e.g. if a funding recipient does not own a building being upgraded. In these cases, please contact your funding scheme manager for assistance. 

Steps for production of signs

1. Size and placement

Determine size and placement of signage.

2. Artwork

Prepare artwork in accordance with guidelines.

3. Approval/s

Seek approval from other funding bodies and all other relevant bodies. Funding recipients must ensure they comply with all relevant regulations, by-laws and approvals.

4. NSW Government approval

Send for approval to the funding scheme manager.

5. Production

Arrange for the production of the sign.

6. Display

Send in-situ photos of the sign showing location to funding scheme manager as soon as erected. Display for the appropriate time period.

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