Funding acknowledgement statement

All materials prepared for a NSW Government funded project should include a funding acknowledgement statement.

All materials prepared for a NSW Government funding project should include the following acknowledgement:

Proudly funded by the NSW Government.

If there is more than one funding contributor, the acknowledgement must include the NSW Government first and then name each contributor in order of the value provided:

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with [insert contributor's name]

Please note:

  1. The maximum number of co-contributors should not exceed three. The guidelines for logo placements for multiple contributors can be found in the appendix.
  2. When funding is received by a grant or funding scheme, the NSW Government, not the individual department, is to be acknowledged.
  3. Private sector partners (e.g. construction companies, architectural frms, etc.) are not to be acknowledged on signage. 

Where signage is required for occupational health and safety reasons, for example on construction sites, these signs can have the names and details of the contractors and building delivery partners involved but the use of their branding identity is not permitted.

Where there are contractual rights to branding and/or control of sites, these need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Disputes should be referred to the Cabinet Standing Committee on Communication and Government Advertising. 

Please refer to the guidelines in the appendix section for further information.

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