Signage guidelines

Follow these guidelines to develop project signage to acknowledge the receipt of NSW Government infrastructure grants and subsidies.

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Signage guidelines with various elements numbered


White Swatch Image (CMYK 0,0,0,0)

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

Blue Swatch Image (CMYK 100,85,5,20 | PMS 281)

Blue 01 (Core NSW Blue)
CMYK 100, 85, 5, 20 / PMS 281

Spacing and background

Spacing and sign orientation to be considered for each project.

  • A. NSW Government logo must be top right. Allow clear space of 'N' height around logo.
  • B. Project title position in mid centre to the sign.
  • C. Mandatory funding acknowledgement text to be centered between baseline of blue project name strip and edge of sign.


The overall structure of information should follow the same order for each sign:

1. NSW Government logo

  • Logo position is top right.
  • Size to be minimum 1/5 overall sign area.
  • Colour logos on white background.

2. Jointly funded: added logo

  • Additional logo for projects jointly funded by the Australian, NSW Governments, Council or other entity, to be included top left.  
  • Additional logos for projects jointly funded are positioned at the bottom as per the templates shown.
  • Logos to be of equal sizing.
  • Colour logos on white background.

3. Project title

  • Name of project.
  • Maximum 2 lines.
  • Public Sans Semi Bold, white on Blue01 strip.

4. Funding acknowledgement statement

  • Mandatory requirement to include funding statement: either fully funded or jointly funded.
  • Public Sans Semi Bold, Blue01 on white background.


Fully funded, NSW Government only.

Fully funded, NSW Government only - 900 x 600mm


900mm x 600mm

Signs can be proportionately scaled larger as required. 


NSW Government logo is mandatory and must comply with these guidelines.

Position must always be in top right corner of the sign, observing the clear space requirement.

Logo size: 140mm height. 

Project name


  • 1 to 2 lines – Public Sans Semi Bold, 140pt.
  • 3 lines – Public Sans Semi Bold, 110pt.
Template for sign with Extra Long Project Name

Acknowledgement statement

Font: Public Sans Semi Bold 80pt.

Centre between baseline of blue name strip and edge of sign.


Signage must be approved according to the Signage production guidelines prior to production.


Templates are available on request from your funding scheme manager.


The size of the signage selected should be proportionate to the size and scope of the project and visibility and legibility by the audience (pedestrians or drivers).


When determining the location of signage you should take into consideration the environment the sign will exist in (low light, weather conditions etc), the size of the sign, visibility by the audience (pedestrians or drivers), and suitable foundations to support the weight of the sign.

Signage templates

Fully funded application
— NSW Government only

Signage template fully funded

Jointly funded application

Jointly funded sign template

Signage options

Multiple funding application
— 2 + NSW Government

Signage template multiple funding from 2 sources

Multiple funding application
— 3 + NSW Government

Signage template multiple funding from 3 sources

Jointly funded application
– Australian + NSW Governments

Jointly funded between NSW and Federal Government sign template
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