Signage guidelines

Follow these guidelines to develop project signage to acknowledge the receipt of NSW Government infrastructure grants and subsidies.

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Signage guidelines


Signage colour white

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

Signage colour blue

PMS 2925c or CMYK 85, 44, 5, 0 


Gotham Medium.

Font size: follow the guidance on this page for size specifications.

Project name

Gotham Medium.

Font size: Project name to be three times larger than funding acknowledgement.

Follow the guidance on this page for sizing specifications.

Name: maximum of three lines.

Spacing and background

Spacing and sign orientation to be considered for each project.

  • A. NSW Government logo must be top right. Allow clear space of 'N' height around logo.
  • B. Project title position in mid centre to the sign.
  • C. Mandatory funding acknowledgement text to be centered between baseline of blue project name strip and edge of skin.


The overall structure of information should follow the same order for each sign:

  • 1. NSW Government logo
    Logo position is top right.
    Size to be minimum of fifth overall sign area.
    Colour logos on white background.
  • 2. Jointly funded: added logo
    Additional logo for jointly funded projects to be included left top. Logos to be equal sizing.
    Colour logos on white background.
  • 3. Project title
    Name of project.
    Maximum three lines.
    Gotham Medium, white on blue strip.
  • 4. Funding acknowledgement statement
    Mandatory requirement to include funding statement: either fully funded or co-funded.
    Gotham Medium, blue on white background.

Signage — A1 

Fully funded, NSW Government only.

Signage A1


A1 (594mm x 841mm).

Signs can be proportionately scaled larger as required. 


NSW Government logo is mandatory and must comply with these guidelines.

Position must always be in top righthand corner of the sign, observing the
clear space requirement.

Logo size: 140mm height. 

Project name

Maximum number of lines is three.

Font: Gotham medium 170pt.

For multiple line project name, font size can be reduced proportionately to
130pt, maximum three lines as shown.

Project name signage tamplate

Acknowledgement statement

Font: Gotham medium 80pt.

Centre between baseline of blue name strip and edge of sign. 


Signage must be approved according to the Signage production guidelines prior to production.


Templates are available on request via your funding manager.

Signage templates

Fully funded application
— NSW Government only

Fully funded application template

Jointly funded application

Jointly funded application template

Signage options

Multiple funding application
— 2 + NSW Government

Multiple funding application two logos

Multiple funding application
— 3 + NSW Government

Multiple funding application three logos

Jointly funded application
— Australian + NSW Governments

Jointly funded application template

In instances in which the Australian Government has contributed funding, different requirements apply. Find out more in the Australian Government Signage Guidelines.

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