Non-signage applications

Guide to applying acknowledgement and NSW Government logo to materials such as annual reports, media releases, related websites and relevant materials.

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Acknowledgement statement

The funding acknowledgement statement must be included as indicated. Department names and department-specific taglines should not be included. 

Acknowledgement approval

Your funding scheme manager must approve final artwork (ensuring it meets corporate identity requirements) prior to production.


Gotham is the preferred typeface for signage. Text size should be proportionate to the entire signage design as per guideline and be clearly visible and legible. 


The NSW Government’s corporate identity policy is to use minimal capitalisation. Capitals should only be used for the frst letter of the frst word of a sentence and for names of particular people, places and things (proper nouns). 


The NSW Government logo should be of sufficient size to allow easy recognition and readability, considering the type of sign, its positioning and visibility.

Minimum size for reproduction of NSW Government logo:

  • 15mm in height (print).
  • 45mm pixel height (digital). 

Clear space

Clear space must be maintained around the logo which is no less than the height of the "N" of NSW that forms part of the logo.

Logo clear space

Logo colours

Logo colour white

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

Logo colour navy

PMS 281c or CMYK 100, 85, 5, 20

Logo colour red

PMS 186c or CMYK 0, 100, 75, 4 

Logo lockups

Logo and statement must appear as follows:

Logo lockup with fully funded statement

Logo lockup with fully funded statement

Logo lockup with jointly funded statement

Logo lockup with jointly funded statement

Mono application

Use mono logo on white or light background where colour reproduction is not available or appropriate.

Use the reverse (white) logo on dark backgrounds when it is not possibly to accommodate the colour logo.

Mono logo

Colour backgrounds

Legibility is the primary consideration when using the logo. There must be good contrast between the logo and the background. A white background is preferred.

Colour background logo

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