All plaques must use the following plaque layout and approval process.

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NSW Government logo is mandatory and must comply with these guidelines

Position must always be in top righthand corner of the sign, observing the clear space requirement. 


Text size should be proportionate to the entire plaque design and be clearly
visible and legible.

Gotham is the preferred typeface for plaques. 

Plaque layout template

Please note, details on the plaque may be changed to reflect nominated representatives if the minister is unable to attend. 

Plaque approval process

It is the responsibility of the funding recipient to develop the commemorative plaque for official openings. 

Fully funded application
— NSW Government only

Fully funded application

Steps for approvals and production

Step 1: plaque requirements

The funding recipient should liaise with all stakeholders to identify plaque requirements. This includes building/project name, date of opening, attending officials, funding partners and company logos. 

Step 2: plaque protocol

If applicable, once plaque requirements have been identified, the funding recipient should consult his or her funding scheme manager to obtain protocol advice, such as the correct titles and the naming hierarchy of attending officials. 

Step 3: approval

When all protocol and corporate identity requirements for the plaque have been addressed, it is the responsibility of the funding recipient to seek approval from all stakeholders and the relevant minister prior to the production and/or installation of the plaque.

Your funding scheme manager will approve final artwork but he or she does not have designated authority to approve the production of a plaque.

Please send artwork to your funding scheme manager for approval prior to plaque production. 

Step 4: plaque production

On receipt of final approval from the minister’s office, the funding recipient may authorise the production and/or installation of the plaque. 

Plaque options

Jointly funding application
— Australian + NSW Governments

In instances in which the Australian Government has contributed funding, different requirements apply. 

Jointly funding application

Multiple funding application
— 2 + NSW Government 

Multiple funding application


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