Murrumbidgee services

Murrumbidgee Local Health District provides a wide range of essential services for people of all ages. From pre-birth to child development, serious health issues, and supporting people at the end of life.

Our services

Our services

Aboriginal health

Our Aboriginal Health unit provides culturally safe and accessible programs and services in the Riverina region.

Aged care services

There are different types of aged care services. Learn more about our supports and services to help manage your day-to-day living activities.  

Allied health

Allied health provides services that help you take care of your physical or mental health. Learn more about the allied health services we offer. 

Cancer services

We provide a limited range of treatment to patients living with cancer. We partner with other services to provide the care patients need during their cancer journey.

Child and family health

We provide services for families, children, and young people in different settings, including community health centres, homes, and schools. 

Child protection services

Child Protection Services provides specialised support to people dealing with experiences of violence, neglect and abuse. 

Chronic disease management

Chronic health conditions can cause disability and death. We aim to provide the right care for patients with a diagnosed chronic condition.

Community care intake service

Our dedicated staff will provide you with over the phone support and clinical advice to ensure you receive the right services along your health journey.

Dental (oral) health services

We provide a range of free dental services for eligible patients. 

Drug and alcohol services

Substance use can be a confronting and challenging issue. We provide non-judgemental support, advice and treatment options for all members of our community.

Healthy living

Living a healthy lifestyle involves consistently making positive choices. Our goal is to create supportive environments that make it easy for you to choose health.

Heart and lung care services

Our heart and lung care services provide assessments, education, support and programs to support you to improve your health.

Immunisation and vaccination

Vaccines keep you, your family, and the community safe from diseases. They also help reduce sickness.

Infectious diseases

Our Public Health Unit helps identify, monitor, investigate and control infectious diseases in our local communities. 

Medical imaging

Our medical imaging specialist technologies give clinicians vital information to assist with diagnosis and treatment. Access inpatient and outpatient medical imaging services.

Men's health services

We work closely with our partners to deliver programs and support services to help men and boys improve their health and wellbeing.

Mental health services

We provide specialist clinical support for anyone experiencing severe, complex or long lasting mental ill health. Find out about our mental health services.

Metabolic obesity service

We offer a pathway to bariatric (weight loss) surgery, through education and support, focussing on lasting behaviour change.

Palliative care

We provide services to assist people in living their lives as fully and comfortably as possible while dealing with a life-limiting or terminal illness.

Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy service is comprised of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work as part of the healthcare team looking after you in hospital.

Pregnancy, birth and baby

We offer many ways to access maternity care, with a range of before birth and after birth care options.

Public health services

We work closely with communities as well as GPs, hospitals, pathology labs, schools and childcare centres, local councils, aged care facilities, and others to protect public health.

Rehabilitation services

We offer several specialist rehabilitation services. We take a client-centred approach and work with you toward goals that are important to you.

Services for clinicians

Find out more about our services and referral pathways to help clinicians and health professionals provide the best care for their patients.

Sexual health services

Our clinic staff provide free testing, management, support and treatment for sexually transmissible infections (STIs) in a safe and private space.

Violence, abuse and neglect services

We provide services that are culturally safe and respectful for people of all ages and genders who have faced violence, abuse, neglect, or related health issues.

Virtual care (telehealth)

Virtual care uses video or phone technology to provide patients with a convenient way to connect with healthcare professionals.

Voluntary assisted dying

Our Care Navigation Service supports, coordinates and plays an essential role in helping eligible patients to access and navigate the voluntary assisted dying process.

Women's health services

We offer culturally sensitive women’s health programs and have female GPs who provide comprehensive care from puberty to menopause.

Key services

Community Care Intake Service

The Community Care Intake Service ensures you receive the right services along your health journey, offering support and clinical guidance to our community health services.

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Accessline is a free phone service staffed by mental health practitioners and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is available to all people living in or visiting the Murrumbidgee region.

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