Offences on NSW roads

If you break NSW road rules, you can face serious consequences. Understand the different types of offences and their penalties.

Search offences and penalties

Use this search tool to find a full list of road-related penalties and offences in NSW.

Speeding offences

Speeding is the biggest killer on NSW roads. Know the rules around speeding and the penalties for breaking them.

Licence and registration offences

Find information on offences and penalties for driving unregistered, uninsured or unlicensed.

Alcohol and drug offences

NSW has severe penalties if you drink or drug drive. Find out the consequences and the mandatory programs for those who break the law.

Serious driving offences

Serious driving offences often result in death or serious injury. Penalties for these offences are severe and you may have to go to court.

Heavy vehicle offences

Find the demerit points and fines associated with common heavy vehicle offences.

Street racing and other hoon offences

High-speed driving, burnouts and police pursuits are some types of hoon offences. These offences are serious and carry severe penalties.

Minor traffic and driving offences

Minor traffic or driving offences can be committed if you're a driver, rider, pedestrian or passenger.

If your car gets towed

Find where your car has been towed. Here's what to do next if you weren't the person responsible, or you want to dispute your towing invoice.

Vehicle sanctions

Vehicle sanctions aim to improve road safety by removing high-risk drivers from roads immediately. This prevents drivers from reoffending.

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