If your car gets towed

Find where your car has been towed. Here's what to do next if you weren't the person responsible, or you want to dispute your towing invoice.

Find my car

If your car is not where you left it, then there is a chance it has been towed.

Dispute an invoice

If you believe you received a towing invoice by mistake, you can lodge a towing dispute.

What to do if your car gets towed

Has your car been towed? Find your vehicle, see what to do if you're not the person responsible, or if your car has been damaged.

Lodge a towing dispute

Do you disagree with a towing invoice you've received? Request a review by completing this online form.

Restricted parking

Some areas have signs restricting the time or conditions for parking. Knowing about these signs can help you avoid a parking fine or having your vehicle towed.

Fines and penalty notices

Find what you need to know about penalty notices, contesting a fine, vehicle sanctions and getting your case reviewed.
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