Your vehicle and the environment

Aim to reduce vehicle fuel emissions and avoid littering on NSW roads to help protect people and our environment.

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You must not throw any rubbish out of your vehicle. You’re responsible for anything that’s thrown or dropped and anything that falls from your vehicle or from a trailer you’re towing. If somebody reports you, you can get a heavy fine.

If it’s possible that the item could injure a person, or obstruct or damage a vehicle or the road surface, you must remove it from the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. If you do not, you can get a fine and demerit points.

Cigarette butts

You must not throw cigarette butts out of your vehicle. Lit cigarettes are especially dangerous. You can get demerit points and a heavy fine if you throw a lit cigarette from a vehicle.

Fuel consumption and emissions

Things you can do to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (ecodriving) include:

  • Do not overfill your petrol tank. Leaving room for the fuel to expand to reduces emissions.
  • Only use air conditioning when necessary. It’s most efficient when you’re driving above 60km/h.
  • Check the tyre pressures regularly. Under-inflated tyres increase rolling resistance and fuel consumption.
  • Turn the engine off when you stop for long periods.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary weight. Remove things like roof racks, bike racks and golf clubs when you’re not using them.
  • Service your vehicle regularly and use the correct amount of engine oil and coolant.
  • When driving a manual car, change gears at a lower engine speed (revs).
  • Avoid over-revving when you take off.
  • Maintain a steady speed.
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