Historic and classic vehicle log books

Want to use your historic or classic vehicle outside club organised events? Get a log book for up to 60 days annual general use.

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Who is eligible to use a log book

Getting a log book allows you to use vehicles registered under the Historic Vehicle and Classic Vehicle Schemes for up to 60 days per year for maintenance and personal use, outside of club-organised events. Each day of general use must be recorded in your log book.

You may only opt in for a Classic and Historic Vehicle Log Book if:

  • you are a recognised club member with NSW conditional registration
  • your club participates in the log book scheme.

Check the Historic vehicle clubs list (PDF 857.58KB) or the eligibility requirements for the classic vehicle scheme for participating clubs.

You can view the Historic and classic vehicles log book and club runs fact sheet (PDF 119.96KB) for more information about using the log book.

How to opt in as a club member

Members of participating recognised clubs or approved organisations may opt in to the log book at any time for no additional cost.

To opt in, you must attend a service centre and provide:

The service centre will add 'Historic and Classic Log Book – 60 days per year subject to conditions', and the book number to your vehicle's conditions.

You'll be issued with a:

  • Certificate of Conditional Registration
  • Certificate of Approved Operations, with the updated conditions
  • Historic and Classic Vehicle Log Book.

Only one log book per vehicle is issued, even if you are in more than one club.

A new pocket-sized logbook will be issued from 7 December 2020. Old paper log books are still valid and can continue to be used until they expire.

Using the log book

You can use the log book as soon as it's issued to record the days you use the vehicle for maintenance or personal use.

The number of days allocated depends on the remaining length of conditional registration when the log book is issued.

Days allocated and registration length

Remaining registrationNumber of days vehicle can be used (allocated log book days)
Up to 3 months15
Over 3 and up to 6 months30
Over 6 and up to 9 months45
over 9 months60

You must carry the log book in the vehicle when it is in use.

When to notify the club of vehicle use

If you're using a log book, you don't need to tell the club which days you are driving the vehicle for personal use or maintenance – unless you have an agreement with the club to notify them.

However, you must record return journeys that are not part of club-organised events and each day of general use in the log book.

Recognised clubs and approved organisations

Participation is voluntary. Acceptance into the program is noted on:

Clubs and organisations aren't required to manage members' log books. However, they can introduce their own club rules for log books.

Clubs and organisations that would like to participate in the log book can notify us by emailing ais@rms.nsw.gov.au

Withdrawing participation

Clubs can advise us of their withdrawal from the log book condition by emailing ais@rms.nsw.gov.au

Once this is done, no further club members may opt in to the log book. Log books already issued to club members will continue to be valid.

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