How to register a vehicle

How to register new and second-hand vehicles, and comply with NSW vehicle standards. 

New vehicles

When you buy a new vehicle, the dealer can organise the registration forms, arrange CTP insurance and register the vehicle on your behalf.

Used and secondhand vehicle

To register a used vehicle that's not currently registered in NSW you must get an inspection, CTP insurance and visit a service centre in person.

Historic vehicles

You can apply for registration of historic vehicles 30 years of age or older under the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS). This includes ordinary passenger cars, utilities, light commercial, buses and Special Purpose Vehicles.

Classic vehicles

Classic vehicles are 30 years of age or older that have certain modifications not permitted under the Historic vehicle scheme (HVS). Find out how to apply for registration.

Street rods

You can apply for either general or conditional registration for your street rod or replica street rod. Find out which one is best for you.

Rally vehicles

Find out about conditional registration, acceptable uses and equipment requirements for rally vehicles.

Electric vehicles

Find out how much electric vehicles cost to buy and run, how to register them and where to find charging stations in NSW.

Special mobility vehicles

Special mobility vehicles (SMV) that go faster than 10km/h must be registered before they can be driven on the road.

Vehicle standards

Specific standards apply to all vehicles which drive on NSW roads. Find out about vehicle standard that apply to your vehicle.


Find out about registering a trailer and what you need to know when purchasing or modifying a trailer.

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