Registering a used or secondhand vehicle

To register a used vehicle that's not currently registered in NSW you must get an inspection, CTP insurance and visit a service centre in person.

Step-by-step guide


Get a vehicle inspection

If you buy a used vehicle has NSW registration that expired less than 3 months ago, you can renew the registration and transfer it into your name at the same time. Just follow the steps under how to renew

Unregistered or interstate vehicles

If the vehicle is either unregistered or has interstate registration, you need to get a NSW registration so you can continue to drive on our roads.

Start by getting the vehicle inspected at an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS).

If the vehicle passes inspection, the examiner will give you a signed and printed identity and safety check.

If the vehicle is modified or non-standard, you’ll also need a Compliance Certificate from a licensed certifier.


Buy compulsory third party (CTP) insurance

You must purchase CTP insurance (green slip) for your vehicle. (Trailers and caravans do not need CTP insurance.)

For light vehicles, the CTP policy must be for 12 months and be issued by a NSW insurance provider. You can compare CTP quotes using the green slip calculator.

Your CTP insurer will send your insurance details to us.


Prepare your documents

Make sure you have everything you need before applying for NSW registration:

  • completed
  • proof of your identity
  • proof of your entitlement to register the vehicle
  • CTP insurance certificate (green slip) – most CTP insurers send the details to Service NSW electronically
  • relevant inspection reports and certifications:
    • Identity and Safety Check from an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS)
    • compliance certificate – modified, non-standard and imported vehicles
    • Vehicle Import Approval from the Commonwealth Government – imported vehicles
  • your payment
  • previous number plates, if you have them.

Registering in an organisation's name

You need to complete the 'Representative’s Authority' section on the application form.

Sending a representative

If you send someone else to register the vehicle in your name, you’ll need to complete the 'Representative’s Authority' section on the

Your representative must provide their own proof of identity.

If you’re not already recorded in our systems, for example, you haven't registered a vehicle before, you must attend in person.


Visit a service centre

Once you have your inspections, certifications and CTP insurance, you can visit any service centre to apply for registration.

They'll process your registration on the spot and provide you with new number plates.

Vehicle Identity & Inspections Unit (VIIU) inspections

When you apply for registration, you may be asked to have the vehicle inspected by the Vehicle Identity & Inspections Unit (VIIU) to confirm the vehicle's identity, if it's in any doubt.

Codes on the registration certificate

You may find codes listed on your the registration certificate you are issued. To find out what these codes mean check our list of registration and vehicle codes.

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