Registering a rally vehicle

Find out about conditional registration, acceptable uses and equipment requirements for rally vehicles.

Rally vehicle

See the Dedicated rally vehicle technical manual (PDF, 622.49 KB) and Rally vehicle scheme memorandum of understanding (MOU) (PDF 10.03MB) for modifications that may be done to standard production vehicles. The modifications outlined in the manual enable vehicles to be registered on the scheme and used in rally events.

Who can apply 

To get conditional registration of a rally vehicle you must:

Find out how to apply for conditional registration for a rally vehicle.

Vehicle requirements

Conditionally registered rally vehicles operating under the RVS may be operated on roads and road related areas only under the following conditions:

  • during competition and liaison/transport stages of a sanctioned rally event
  • during testing of competition stages by Approved Organisation officials for a sanctioned rally event
  • during official training sessions for a sanctioned rally event
  • during a sanctioned public display and/or promotional activity
  • for course checking/establishment/survey of rally route during preparation of a rally event (except if the rally vehicle’s electronic stability control has been disabled or removed)
  • for servicing and maintenance of the rally vehicle and associated testing under normal road rules and speed limits
  • driving to and from a sanctioned rally event and accommodation/place of residence.

The applicant, registered operator and driver are responsible at all times for being able to provide evidence that the rally vehicle is being used in accordance with the conditions of operation.

Details of rally vehicle use must be recorded in a vehicle log book.

Conditions of use

The following minimum conditions apply to conditional registration.


Use only in conjunction with an authorised club event or maintenance
Note: Only applies to conditional registration
Registered operator must be a member of an authorised motoring club
Note: Only applies to conditional registration
Travel restrictions and other conditions apply, refer to Certificate of Approved Operations (Rally Vehicle Annexure)
Note: Only applies to conditional registration.
Special conditions (free text)
Vehicle to be floated from site to site
Note: Only applies to unregistered vehicle permits.
Restricted to designated area/routes
Note: Only applies to unregistered vehicle permits.
Travel restricted to competition and transport/liaison stages of (insert event name) rally event
Note: Only applies to unregistered vehicle permits.
Special conditions (free text)

Oversize or overmass dimensions

Vehicles that go beyond the dimension and weight limits must comply with the conditions of the relevant access notice or permit. To find out the conditions for:

  • NSW permits, contact Special Permits Unit on 1300 656 371
  • interstate permits, contact National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on 1300 696 487.

Equipment requirements

To receive conditional registration you must ensure that the following equipment requirements are met:

EquipmentDaylight/floodlit use24-hour use
Amber rotating beaconNoNo
Brake and turn lightsYesYes
Headlights, tail. number plate and clearance lightsYesYes
Rear reflectorsYesYes
Rear and side reflective tapeNoNo
Rear vision mirror(s)YesYes


All lighting must be fitted as near as possible to the position specified in Schedule 2 of:

Transport for NSW office use

Code typeCode
Vehicle shapeCOU / SED / PVF / WAG
Compulsory Third Party insurance classConditional registration: SVEH
Unregistered Vehicle Permit – USVE


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