Rules for unregistered vehicles

Driving a vehicle that's not registered is illegal except in very limited circumstances. Find out the rules and penalties.

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The rules

There are checks and rules in place to keep every vehicle on the road as safe as possible and ensure vehicles are registered.

Vehicles are unregistered when their registration expires, is cancelled or suspended.

Unregistered vehicles are unlikely to be covered by compulsory third party insurance (CTP). You may be liable for compensation of any person injured in an accident involving an unregistered vehicle.

Find out when you can drive unregistered.


Enforcement cameras detect unregistered vehicles. They check your number plate for valid registration and CTP insurance.


If you get caught by police driving an unregistered vehicle, they can:

  • give you a fine
  • seize or remove your number plates
  • seize your vehicle.

There are also penalties for:

  • parking an unregistered vehicle on a road or road-related area for more than 15 days
  • speeding while driving unregistered.

See the penalties for driving an unregistered vehicle.

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