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Everything you need to know about getting accredited to teach in NSW. Information on how to apply for current NSW teacher education students, graduates, international or interstate-trained teachers and teachers returning to the profession.

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We're improving our online experience so it's easier for you to find and read content

We're improving our online experience so it's easier for you to find and read content

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First-time accreditation

Apply for first-time accreditation in NSW if you are a current teacher education student, graduate, or interstate or overseas-trained teacher.



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Working as a teacher in NSW

All teachers must be accredited to work in a NSW school or centre-based early childhood service. Learn about the requirements for getting accredited.

ID requirements

Learn what identification you need to apply for accreditation and re-accreditation, documents we can accept, who can certify copies and how to submit them.


How to apply for re-accreditation to teach in NSW if you voluntarily cancelled your accreditation, or had your accreditation ceased or revoked.

Suitability to teach

Learn what NESA does to assess a person's suitability to teach in NSW, including how we conduct criminal history checks.

Voluntary accreditation

Understand how voluntary accreditation may apply to you if you are a non-school or service-based teacher. 

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Contact our teacher accreditation team

You can contact specialist teacher accreditation staff depending on your circumstances.

Call: 1300 739 338 or if you are calling from overseas +61 2 9268 6300

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