Maintain accreditation

Everything you need to know about maintaining your teacher accreditation, including Proficient Teacher, Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher, professional development requirements and transition arrangements.

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Why teachers must maintain accreditation

Teachers in NSW are required to maintain their accreditation to be able to teach in NSW. All NSW teachers must meet the conditions of accreditation set out in the NSW Teacher Accreditation Manual.

Teachers accredited at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) must also meet the conditions for maintaining HALT accreditation.

Maintenance requirements apply to all teachers accredited at the Proficient or HALT level, regardless of whether they work full-time, part-time, or as a casual employee.


Processes and requirements

Maintain Proficient Teacher accreditation

What you need to do to maintain your Proficient Teacher accreditation to continue teaching in NSW. Includes information for non-school/service based teachers and pre-2004 teachers.

Maintain Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) accreditation

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers must maintain accreditation at higher levels. Find out what's involved in maintaining HALT accreditation.

Professional development requirements

To maintain accreditation, teachers must undertake ongoing professional development (PD) to ensure they stay up to date with the latest knowledge, skills and teaching methods. Explore various PD types and their requirements.

Maintenance transition arrangements

The maintenance transition arrangements apply to teachers who have a current maintenance period that started on or before 29 November 2020. Find out what you need to do to meet your PD requirements.

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Changes to maintenance of accreditation

Maintenance of Proficient Teacher accreditation has changed. Principals and service directors no longer need to attest that a teacher has maintained their practice at Proficient Teacher. Watch our video to learn about this and other recent changes.

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