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Learn what you can do to support a teacher applying for or maintaining their accreditation. Find information for principals and service directors, accreditation supervisors, referees, employers and assessors.

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Roles and responsibilities for supporting a teacher

Principals, employers and other supervisory roles have various responsibilities when supporting a teacher.

If you are a principal, service director, employer, accreditation supervisor, assessor or referee, find out what you need to do when supporting a teacher to achieve or maintain their accreditation.

Accreditation supervisors

Accreditation supervisors support provisionally or conditionally accredited teachers to develop their practice. Learn about the role and how to become an accreditation supervisor.


As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring your teachers are actively accredited to teach in NSW. Understand the internal procedures you need to have in place.


Referees play an important role in supporting a teacher aiming to achieve Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) levels of accreditation. Learn what's involved if you agree to be a referee.


HALT and External Assessors are an essential part of the HALT application process. Find out how to nominate for the role and about the Assessor Training Program.

Principals and service directors

Support a teacher applying for or maintaining Proficient or HALT accreditation, or applying for immediate accreditation, in your role as a principal or service director.


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