Commemorative marriage certificates

Celebrate this special moment in your life with a commemorative marriage certificate.

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Latest release

Double Happiness 

This new certificate is inspired by the ancient Chinese symbols of auspicious joy and weddings, as well as the beautiful resident Koi fish at the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney.

Lucy Wang, Sydney based Australian/Chinese artist, has combined traditional oriental brush painting with her own unique colour and visual aesthetics, to create this beautiful original artwork.

The design features two Koi fish positioned to balance one another and symbolise harmony and happiness. The vibrant red and pink peonies are a symbol of love and romance and the Chinese character ‘Xi’ meaning double happiness is also used to represent the celebration and joy of marriage.

How to order

Complete our online application form to order a marriage certificate and select the decorative design of your choice.

Follow our step-by-step guide for applying for a commemorative marriage certificate

About commemorative marriage certificates


Single or package deal?

You have the choice to purchase:

  • single commemorative marriage certificate. Cost: $41
  • package that includes an official standard marriage certificate and a commemorative certificate. Cost only $87

Cost includes standard postage. 


What you'll get

Our commemorative marriage certificates are:

  • suitable for framing at 279mm x 355mm (that's a bit bigger than A4 paper)
  • printed on archival paper and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper
  • sent to you in a protective cardboard cylinder.

Commemorative certificates are keepsakes and not official proof of identity documents. For official proof of identity, you'll need a standard marriage certificate.

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