Commemorative marriage certificates

Celebrate this special moment in your life with a commemorative marriage certificate.

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New Indigenous art

We are excited to launch the new Balgaarramba Miingi (Open Your Heart) and Baaliya (Be Married) commemorative marriage certificates, featuring the artwork of First Nations Artist Melissa Greenwood, the founder of the Art and Design brand ‘Miimi and Jiinda’.

Melissa, a Miimi (mother) of two beautiful boys, is an established Artist and children’s book Author whose work is celebrated internationally. Melissa’s creations tell visual stories of Country and her journey as a proud Gumbaynggirr custodian. Her paintings invoke messages of her resilient and loving matriarchs and how they inspire her daily. Key concepts expressed within Melissa’s art are her deep connections to country, culture, kinship and her ancestors who guide her daily.

Balgaarramba Miingi (Open Your Heart) design

Balgaarramba Miinggi (Open your heart) commemorative marriage certificate.

Ngiyaa yaarri julu marraal-gundi, marraal, julu ngiyambandi (We are part of the earth, and the earth is part of us). This painting celebrates deep love and connection.

Baaliya (Be Married) design

Baaliya (Be Married) commemorative marriage certificate.

This painting is inspired by the Muurrbay (Tree of Life). Everything on this earth is in a continuous cycle of regeneration. Like plants and trees, we too are evolving and changing with the seasons, this painting celebrates love, unity and togetherness.

How to order

Complete our online application form to order a marriage certificate and select the decorative design of your choice.

Follow our step-by-step guide for applying for a commemorative marriage certificate

About commemorative marriage certificates

Single or package deal?

You have the choice to purchase:

  • single commemorative marriage certificate. Cost: $44
  • package that includes an official standard marriage certificate and a commemorative certificate. Cost only $95

Cost includes standard postage. 

What you'll get

Our commemorative marriage certificates are:

  • suitable for framing at 279mm x 355mm (that's a bit bigger than A4 paper)
  • printed on archival paper and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper
  • sent to you in a protective cardboard cover.

Commemorative certificates are keepsakes and not official proof of identity documents. For official proof of identity, you'll need a standard marriage certificate.

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