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Ending an agricultural tenancy

Different requirements for ending an agricultural tenancy apply to fixed-term, periodic and other agreements.

Landlord ending a tenancy with or without grounds

How a landlord or agent can end a tenancy agreement with or without grounds. Includes information about termination notices and orders.

Landlord access and entry to a rental property

There are limits to when a landlord, agent or authorised person can enter the property without the tenant’s consent.

Smoke alarms in a rental property

Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities for maintaining working smoke alarms in a rental property.

Sharing a residential rental property

Learn what the rights and responsibilities are for tenants wanting to share a residential rental property.

Rental property maintenance responsibilities

Rental property maintenance responsibilities for tenants and landlords.

Guarantee of tenancy continuing

There is a general guarantee that a tenancy cannot be terminated if the tenant pays outstanding rent or utility charges or they comply with an agreed repayment plan.

Giving notice to end a residential tenancy

How landlords or agents and tenants should serve a notice of termination of a residential tenancy.

What tenants need to be told about a rental property

What a landlord or agent must tell a tenant about a property before signing a tenancy agreement (lease).

Use of third-party apps for tenancy transactions

A tenant does not have to use a third-party app for any of their obligations under the tenancy agreement.

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