Living in strata

Understand your rights, learn how to request repairs, and how to resolve any issues.

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Rules for living in strata


Understanding the rules around pets in strata and what to do if there’s a problem. 

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Strata by-laws

Understand the strata by-laws where you live, how to view them, how to change them, and what to do if there's a breach. 

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Steps if you are planning a renovation to your home or common property. 

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Repairs and maintenance

Learn who is responsible for repairs and who to contact to get things done.

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Strata meetings

Learn about different strata meetings, including annual general meetings (AGM).

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Understand the rules around who can park where in strata. 

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Strata levies, finances and insurance

Know the rules about managing strata finances including levies, funds and planning.

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How to resolve noise related issues when living in strata.

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Abandoned goods

What to do if something has been left behind or dumped. 

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Disputes and complaints

A dispute between strata owners or residents can happen from time to time. 

A complaint with a strata manager, building manager or another worker can also happen.

Most disputes or complaints can be resolved quickly and easily. But there's also help available if it can't be.

Learn how to resolve these disagreements, and where to go for help.

How to resolve disputes and complaints

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Who's who in strata

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Understand the difference between strata managers and building managers, and owners corporations and strata committees.

Also includes definitions of the positions on strata committees, such as chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

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Serving on a strata committee

Woman serving on a committee, smiling while talking to other people

The strata committee is a group of people who have been given authority by the owners to make decisions on the day to day running of your building or complex.

There are a range of positions and responsibilities.

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Buying a strata property

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Are you thinking of buying a strata property? 

There are differences between a strata property and a typical freestanding property that you should consider before making a purchase.

There are also differences between individual strata properties to consider.

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