Advice for living in, or buying into, a strata community.

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Have you held your annual general meeting (AGM) for 2024?

If you completed your 2023 annual reporting, you will now be able to use the Strata Hub to easily manage your future annual reporting.

It is much simpler and quicker because your details are saved, and certain information is already filled in.

Strata annual reporting must be completed within 3 months of holding your AGM.

How to update or report every year

Changes to strata laws in 2023

Reforms to strata scheme laws were introduced on 11 December 2023 under the Strata Legislation Amendment Bill 2023.

These reforms address: 

  • by-laws about pets and assistance animals
  • strata and association committees
  • the strata renewal process
  • overall governance.

Read the full summary of changes

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Living in strata

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Renovation rules

Understand what approvals you need, if any, before making changes to your property and learn how to get those approvals.

Examples include flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, walls and ceilings, and light fittings.


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Owning a pet

Understand when pets are allowed and the rules that determine when a landlord or owners corporation can say no.

Examples includes: can an owners corporation or landlord stop me from owning a pet, can I be asked to leave because of my pet?


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Repairs and maintenance

Learn who is responsible for repairs and maintenance and how to request them.

Examples include electricity and water, leaking showers and taps, mould, carpets, walls and ceilings, light fixtures, and balconies.


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Strata by-laws

Understand the strata by-laws where you live, how to change them, and what to do if there's a breach of the by-laws in your strata scheme.

Common by-laws include rules about pets, smoking, short-term rental accommodation (like Airbnb), parking and noise.


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Parking rules

Understand the rules that determine where people can park and how to change them.

Includes residents parking, visitor and emergency parking, what to do if someone is parking in your spot.


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Abandoned goods

Understand the rules that allow owners corporations to remove items believed to be abandoned, and how.

Examples include when left behind by residents after moving out or when a non-resident dumps something on common property.


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How to manage and resolve noise related issues when living in strata.

Examples include what makes an unacceptable level of noise, appropriate steps to take and how to escalate if issues persist.


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Strata meetings

Owners hold 'annual general meetings' once a year, as well as 'general meetings' when needed. Learn more about these meetings and why you should be involved.

Examples of decisions made include finances and insurance, building defects and maintenance, changes to rules.


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Budgets and finances

Understand how levies are used to pay for the update of the complex.

Examples include repairs and maintenance, administrative costs, and capital works.

Serving on a strata committee

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Strata scheme annual reporting

Find out what strata schemes need to do.

Includes step by step instructions for strata committees and managers to complete their reporting annually. 


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How to run a strata meeting

A step by step guide to help you run a strata meeting.

Includes who can and should attend, notice periods, documents, agendas, minutes and voting, resolving disputes.


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Finances and insurance

How to manage the finances of your strata scheme and advice on insurance.

Includes strata levies, how are they calculated, and what to do if an owner is late with payments. Also includes the mandatory insurance you must have, what it covers, and optional insurance you might wish to include.


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Record keeping

Learn about the strata roll, and the record keeping requirements that a strata committee and others must follow.

Includes the types of records that must be kept, for how long, and by who.


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Strata managers and other workers

How to appoint or change managing agents or building managers, and how to hire other workers.

Includes what to look for in a strata manager or building manager, or any other worker such as a tradie, and the process to appoint or change.


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Safety rules for common property

Understand the rules all strata schemes must follow to manage the safety of residents and any workers maintaining the shared property.

Includes windows and fire safety, trip hazards and signage, pools and gyms, gardens and pesticides.

Strata reporting blogs

Read the latest blog below or view all blogs.

Two women sitting on a lounge chair, looking at a laptop screen completing annual reporting for their two-lot strata scheme

How two-lot schemes can easily report each year

If your two-lot scheme has already completed their first annual report, then reporting each year will be a simpler and quicker task thanks to pre-filled information on the Strata Hub. 
Read the blog

Buying into strata

Strata properties come in a variety of forms, with apartments and townhouses the most common. But they also exist in commercial property, serviced apartments, retirement villages. 

If you buy into strata, not only own your property, but you also share the ownership of common property such as gardens, fencing, pools and elevators.

As an owner, you become a member of the owner’s corporation, which has responsibility for making key decisions on how your strata runs. There are also ongoing levies you must pay.

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Who's who in strata

Understand the difference between strata managers and building managers, and owners corporations and strata committees.

Also includes definitions of the positions on strata committees, such as chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
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Help to resolve disagreements

Sometimes there are disagreements between owners or residents, or with the strata manager or another worker, like a building manager.

Most disputes or complaints can be resolved quickly and easily. But there's help available if it can't be.
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