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Learn about the work we are doing to deliver public confidence, uplift industry performance and produce valuable consumer experiences in the strata and property services sectors.

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What we do

Property in NSW is central to the social, economic, and personal well-being of every resident in the state. Leadership from government and industry is more important than ever to get ahead of emerging challenges and deliver the opportunities and confidence demanded by stakeholders.

The Strata and Property Services Commissioner works within NSW Fair Trading to drive change across industry, government and consumers to enable empowered, accountable, and trusted NSW strata and property services sectors.

This Statement of Expectations outlines the expectations of, and priorities for, the Strata and Property Services Commissioner role and other responsibilities.

Guiding principles


Creating a framework for high-level collaboration, embracing all key stakeholders; Government, industry and consumers.


Delivering a best-practice professional and regulatory model to support the industry through a period of positive transformation and delivering great customer outcomes .  


Ensuring a strong and transparent property sector that is proactively servicing the needs of property service professionals, with the highest compliance and performance standards for the benefit of consumers.   

Our work

Strata governance and confidence

Ensure adequate disclosure at point of sale and strata scheme establishment. Manage ongoing insurability of NSW strata building stock. 

Raising standards

Raise industry standards and professional development, including promoting appropriate standards of conduct and competency for agents and the wider industry.

Regulatory practice reform

Engage with and regulate the strata and property services sector, and foster proactive compliance. Track and report risk and harm minimisation or eradication.

Advocacy and engagement

Lead industry and consumer advocacy and engagement, including making recommendations to the Minister or Secretary on regulatory settings.

Driving improvements

Drive improvements in Fair Trading’s exercise of its regulatory powers, including reviewing complaint handling and compliance action.


Research merging market trends, potentially harmful business practices and other matters impacting the property services sector and its consumers.

Delivering change

Develop and deliver reforms for the strata and property services sectors.

NSW Strata and Property Services Commissioner 

For over 30 years, John Minns has been a leader in the Australia residential property sector. As a business owner, practitioner and thought leader his diverse experience includes residential sales, project marketing, residential property management, the rapidly evolving strata sector, franchising, digital innovation, and nationally accredited professional development and training enterprises.

As Strata and Property Services Commissioner, John brings this extensive resume to the critical challenge of raising performance benchmarks in consumer experience and protection. His vision for an empowered, accountable and trusted sector can only be delivered through increased confidence and transparency; and capitalising on the opportunities brought by change and innovation.

The Office of the Property Services Commissioner is designed to address emerging risks while promoting confidence and economic certainty for industry and consumers

John Minns, NSW Strata and Property Services Commissioner   
Image of John Minns Property Services Commissioner

Property Services Expert Panel

The Property Services Expert Panel is appointed by the Minister and brings together leaders from across the sector. The Strata and Property Services Commissioner is a leading member of the Panel and works closely with it to obtain high level practitioner and consumer feedback and strengthen its advice to Government.

Help and support for Strata and Property Services

Feedback and Suggestions regarding Strata and Property Services

Requests for engagement directly with the Strata and Property Services Commissioner’s office regarding case studies, recommendations or systemic issues in the sector can be made via:

Office of the Strata & Property Services Commissioner

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