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Find publicly available data, including strata plan number, address, registration, lot information, date of the last Annual General Meeting and when the scheme completed the last annual reporting.

Indicative map example showing a strata scheme boundary and information.

Search for a strata scheme

Start typing the registered address of your scheme until a list of results is shown. Chose your scheme from the list before selecting Search.

Do not use a space in the number for the street address. For example, enter ‘1A Smith Street’, not ‘1 A Smith Street’. The registered strata scheme address may differ from the actual street address.

To check the address or find the strata plan number, visit the NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) website

Complete your strata scheme reporting

To start reporting, follow the instructions on our Strata annual reporting page.

Understanding the results

What does the 'View map' feature do?

It gives you a bird’s eye view of where any NSW strata scheme is located in relation to other schemes in the local area. The results provides satellite and street-view imagery showing:

  • the boundary of the strata property you’ve searched for (in light blue)
  • strata properties in the area (in blue)
  • property other than strata (in yellow)
  • suburb boundaries
  • local government areas (LGAs): zoom out for an LGA view.
What if the address and / or property details are wrong?

If the address or the property name is incorrect and you want to update this please call 13 32 20.

Are you searching on a subdivision?

When you search using a subdivision strata plan number – the results will only show for the original strata plan. This is due to the regulations only requiring reporting of current strata plans and not subdivisions.

Did your search result end with no results?

If you get the message ‘no results found’, this means the address may not be the registered address. Please search by strata plan number or use the NSW Land Registry Services to confirm the strata plan details.

Who maintains the strata plan records for NSW?

NSW Land Registry Services manages and maintains strata plan records for NSW.

How do I get a copy of the strata plan?

The registered strata plan shows the lot boundaries and can help clarify common property areas. Copies of the strata plan can be obtained through NSW LRS’s approved information brokers

How do you contact a strata scheme or its managing agent?

The strata roll lists all the scheme’s owners and must be maintained by the secretary or strata manager (if any). Current owners can contact the secretary of the owners corporation or strata manager using the strata roll. Prospective owners may make a request through the real estate agent selling the property. Find out more about how to access the strata roll.

How do I get a copy of the strata scheme by-laws?

Most people will receive a copy of the by-laws when they move into the scheme. If you do not have a copy, current owners and residents can ask the strata committee secretary or strata manager for a copy.

If you’re a tenant, your real estate agent/landlord must give you a copy of the by-laws. Read more about where to find your strata by-laws.

How do I get a copy of a strata report?

If you’re considering buying in strata, the strata and building inspection reports will reveal issues you should consider. The strata report can be done by hiring a professional strata searcher, or you can inspect the strata records yourself. Read how to get a strata report and have a professional do it or tips on how to do it yourself. 

The strata search results will show you the date the scheme completed its annual reporting. All other information in the strata annual report is not made publicly available at this time. Read more about who can see the reported information.

Need more help?

Contact Fair Trading

If you have any further questions about strata, you can contact Fair Trading via phone or in-person at a Service NSW centre.

Phone:13 32 208:30am to 5pm, Monday-Friday
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