Serving on a strata committee

Understand the roles, duties and responsibilities of the strata committee, and how they help with the day-to-day running of your building.

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How to manage your strata scheme

How to run a strata meeting

Know the steps to follow when running strata meetings. 

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Record keeping

Understand the record keeping requirements including the strata roll.

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Managing finances and insurance

Learn about setting a strata budget, managing funds, handling levies and more. 

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Safety rules for common property

Rules on keeping strata residents safe including required inspections and registrations.

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Strata managers and other workers

How to appoint and remove strata managers, building managers and other workers.

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Disputes and complaints

Strata committee members of the owners corporation are often the first person people contact when they need an issue resolved, this includes disputes and complaints.

Sometimes there are disagreements between owners or residents, or complaints with the strata manager or another worker, such as a building manager.

Most disputes or complaints can be resolved quickly and easily. But there's also help available if it can't be.

How to resolve disputes and complaints

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 Living in strata

A woman holds a child while watering plants on her balcony

Understand your rights, learn how to request repairs, and how to resolve any issues.

Knowing how strata works will help you to get the most from your property and help resolve any issues before they become disputes.

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Strata scheme annual reporting


Find out what strata schemes need to do.

Includes step by step instructions for strata committees and managers to complete their reporting annually.

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 Who's who in strata

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Understand the difference between strata managers and building managers, and owners corporations and strata committees.

Also includes definitions of the positions on strata committees.

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