Serving on a strata committee

Understand the roles, duties and responsibilities of the strata committee, and how they help with the day-to-day running of your building.

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Changes starting 30 September 2022

New laws about electronic voting for strata meetings and electronic seals start.

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How to manage your strata scheme

Annual strata reporting

Learn about what your strata scheme needs to do to get ready for the new annual strata reporting.

Also includes important dates and commonly asked questions. 

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Managing repairs and capital works

Steps to identify who is responsible for repairs, how to manage repairs and what to do about defects.

Also includes information on how to plan for upcoming repairs.

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Managing finances and insurance

Learn about setting a strata budget, managing funds and handling levies.

Also includes information about reporting requirements and what to do if an owner falls behind on their levies payments.

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Strata managers and other workers

How to appoint and remove strata managers, building managers and other workers.

Also includes information about how to delegate duties and how to remove a strata manager or building manager.

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Record keeping

What administrative and financial records need to be kept and when they may be inspected.

Also includes information about the strata roll and upcoming new requirements.

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Safety rules for common property

The rules for keeping residents safe, including window safety, pools and spas, pesticides and fire safety.

Also includes information about required inspections and registrations.

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Strata meetings, record keeping and changing by-laws

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How to run a strata meeting

The owners corporation in every strata scheme must have at least one meeting every year, called an annual general meeting (AGM). Other meetings are called ‘general’ or ‘special’ meetings.

Meetings are one of the strata committee’s most important responsibilities, as they are where decisions about the scheme are made. 

Owners or the committee must follow a set process, can vote in person or by electronic means and make sure everyone has their say.

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Record keeping

Learn about the strata roll, and how to execute documents and the record keeping requirements that a strata committee and others must follow.

Includes types of records that must be kept, for how long, and by who.

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Changing by-laws

Understand how to change the rules that govern your strata community.

Includes when a by-law can be changed, by who, and the process to get it tabled at a strata meeting and then approved by the owners corporation.

Disputes and complaints

Strata committee members of the owners corporation are often the first person people contact when they need an issue resolved, this includes disputes and complaints.

Sometimes there are disagreements between owners or residents, or complaints with the strata manager or another worker, such as a building manager.

Most disputes or complaints can be resolved quickly and easily. But there's also help available if it can't be.

How to resolve disputes and complaints

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Knowing how strata works will help you to get the most from your property and help resolve any issues before they become disputes.

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 Who's who in strata

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Understand the difference between strata managers and building managers, and owners corporations and strata committees.

Also includes definitions of the positions on strata committees.

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