Renting a place to live

What you need to know about renting a home. Check the latest rental prices in an area, resolve disputes with your agent or landlord, and find private rental assistance and subsidies.

Blacktown NSW

Renting property in NSW

This is a guide for people who are renting or looking to rent a property in NSW. It provides information about finding somewhere to rent, getting help with costs, and understanding how to make changes to a rental property.

Check rent prices by NSW postcode

The Rent Tracker postcode tool uses data released by NSW Fair Trading each month from the Rental Bond Board.

Private rental assistance

There are assistance programs like Rent Choice and Rentstart Bond Loan available to help you set up and maintain a tenancy in the private rental market.

Aged care housing, home living assistance and retirement villages

Find out if you are eligible for an Australian Government home care subsidy to help you continue living in your own home, information about moving to an aged care home or retirement village.

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