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What are data breaches?

A data breach is when someone's private information held by an organisation gets seen, shared without permission, or goes missing. 

The organisation where the incident happened should let you know if you’re at risk from the breach. They should also do their best to make sure the breach doesn’t impact you.


What you can do to protect yourself

Get immediate support by following our self-guided steps.


Breach announcements

ID support has been engaged to support the notifications and recovery of impacted individuals for the following breaches:

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30 April 2024

Aussizz Group data breach

Aussizz have reported a potential data breach claim that cybercriminals have stolen and published company data. Aussizz are collaborating with external experts and government agencies to investigate the breach.

30 April 2024

ZircoDATA data breach

ZircoDATA have reported a cybersecurity breach where unauthorised access was gained to their servers by a third party. 

30 April 2024

OracleCMS data breach

OracleCMS has reported a cyber incident where a third party gained unauthorised access to their systems and have published company data. 

15 March 2024

Nissan Motor Corporation and Nissan Financial Services data breach

The Nissan Motor Corporation and Nissan Financial Services ("Nissan Oceania") have reported a cybersecurity breach where unauthorised access was gained to their servers by a third party.

20 September 2023

TissuPath data breach

Specialist pathology firm TissuPath has reported that a third party cyber attack accessed pathology records kept on a backup storage drive.

Departmental release
2 May 2023

Dr Felix Chan data breach

In May 2023, IT systems operated by Dr Felix Chan were subject to a cyberattack. These systems stored patient care records. While this cyber security incident has not impacted NSW Government systems, ID Support NSW is notifying patients on behalf of Dr Chan.

Departmental release
31 March 2023

Tasmanian Government data breach

ID Support NSW is working in partnership with the Tasmanian Government to notify individuals affected by the possible theft of data from a third-party file transfer service used by the Department of Education, Children and Young People (DECYP). 

Departmental release
15 March 2023

Latitude Financial data breach

Latitude Financial was subject to a cyberattack in March that resulted in the theft of personal information. The theft affects customers, past customers, and applicants across Australia and New Zealand. What does this mean for me? Latitude Financial has contacted affected customers, past customers, and applicants to let them know what personal information of theirs was compromised and what support we are providing. To date, we have notified affected individuals with an email address on file, and we are in the process of contacting other individuals by letter. Customers who have had their NSW driver licence details exposed in the Latitude Financial data breach are encouraged to contact us at ID Support NSW for free support and advice on replacing their card and safeguarding other and related identifying documents. We can help.  We can help you restore and protect your identity. Call  ID Support NSW  on  1800 001 040   9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, or opt for our easy  online call back form . 

Departmental release
2 February 2023

Medibank data breach

The NSW Government is supporting customers affected by the Medibank data breach. If you have questions about how your data is affected,  Medibank and international customers  should call 13 23 31,  ahm customers  should call 13 42 46 and  My Home Hospital patients  should call 1800 081 245.

Departmental release
27 September 2022

NSW Government assisting customers following Optus data breach

Service NSW and ID Support NSW are working closely with Transport for NSW to support affected Optus customers following the recent cyberattack on their computer system.

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