$30,000 for GoPro cameras to help marine rescue volunteers safeguard boaters

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Michael Gallacher has rolled out a suite of rescue and training cameras to assist Marine Rescue NSW volunteers protect the boating community.

Mr Gallacher joined Parliamentary Speaker and Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock and Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos to present the first of 70 Go Pro cameras to members of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven.

“The 3,200 volunteer members of MRNSW provide our boating community on the coastline, the Alpine Lakes and Murray River at Moama with a world-class rescue service,” Minister Gallacher said.

“No rescue operation and no day at sea is ever the same and these volunteers are frequently called on to place their own safety at risk rescuing or assisting boaters in trouble in terrible conditions.

“The operational footage from these video cameras, which will be installed on the frontline rescue fleet, will be invaluable in providing the members with realistic training scenarios and rescue debriefings,” Minister Gallacher said.

“The advantage of these cameras is that they can operate automatically after being set, allowing the volunteers to concentrate on the rescue operation, which obviously is the first priority.

“There are always lessons to be learned in a process of continual improvement and this vision will be of significant value in helping volunteers learn from their colleagues’ experience.

“No textbook exercise can ever replace seeing for yourself the difficulties of coming alongside a stricken vessel, transferring an ill passenger on board and taking the vessel under tow in a rolling three to four metre swell.

Mr Gallacher said the cameras also would be used for the organisation’s public boating safety education courses and activities.

Ms Hancock welcomed the delivery of the first cameras to Marine Rescue Shoalhaven, whose members operate on some of the State’s most popular boating waterways.

“This new equipment will be of great benefit not only in training but also in promoting the skill and experience of the MRNSW volunteers, whose work usually goes unseen because it takes place off shore, away from the public view.

“This will not only help raise public awareness of the great work of MRNSW members but also assist in the organisation’s recruitment activities to ensure it can provide a sustainable rescue service into the future,” Ms Hancock said.

MRNSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos thanked Mr Gallacher for the $30,000 grant to provide the new cameras.

“This is yet another demonstration of the State Government and the Minister’s continuing support for MRNSW and our members.

Commissioner Tannos said the 70 Go Pro Hero3+ Black cameras, each with a remote control and 64GB memory card, would be attached to the vessels for use depending on the conditions and rescue scenario.

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