Drones to assist firefighters in emergencies

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Drones are the latest weapon in the fight against fire, chemical spills and natural disasters.

Drones will provide firefighters with real-time images of areas too dangerous to access and enable rapid damage assessments.

The two new drones are part of a multi-million-dollar technology rollout to Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) that also includes two custom-built mobile command centres and the installation of more than 180 mobile data terminals in fire trucks across NSW.

The mobile data terminals will give firefighters fast access to live weather information, pre-incident plans, navigation and maps of hydrants, electricity, gas and drainage while enroute to emergencies.

FRNSW designed the mobile command centres for incident management teams to work from at large and complex incidents and are equipped with radio, live video feeds, high-speed satellite, 4G communications, a weather station, outdoor widescreens, and retractable sunshades.

Each vehicle has high speed internet and a 100-metre Wi-Fi bubble which could be invaluable to communities cut off from technology following a catastrophic fire or storm event.

The investment will help firefighters make crucial decisions easier and faster to better protect communities.

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