Most popular dog names in NSW

Published: 20 May 2019

Bella has topped the list as the most popular dog name in NSW for the fifth year in a row.

According to the NSW Pet Registry, the top 10 most popular dog names have mainly remained the same over the past five years, except for the addition of the Harry Potter-inspired Luna in the past two years.

Top 10 most popular dog names

  1. Bella (1004 dogs)
  2. Luna (904)
  3. Charlie (707)
  4. Coco (703)
  5. Max (696)
  6. Ruby (683)
  7. Buddy (652)
  8. Molly (637)
  9. Daisy (548)
  10. Rosie (538)

Other interesting names from the registry include Shadow (58), Bruce (73), Lucky (79), Blue (36) and Red (66). Additionally, 441 dogs now share their name with the newest addition to the royal family – Archie.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said it’s clear we have an imaginative bunch of pet owners in NSW when it comes to picking names for our dogs.

“It’s interesting to see the influence of popular culture on our name choices and the decline of more traditional names, with not one Fido or Spot in the top 100,” Mrs Hancock said.

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