New pet register to improve animal welfare

Published: 21 May 2018

A new pet register will be launched in late 2018 which will allow pet owners to access critical information on the animal they plan to purchase.

Under new laws that will be introduced to NSW Parliament this week, families will be provided with more information about the animal and the breeder selling it.

The register would allow people to search for the microchip number and find the pet’s breed, age, registration and whether or not it has been de-sexed.

Breeders selling or people giving away dogs and cats will be required to include a relevant identifying number in all advertisements – either a microchip number, a breeder identification number or a rehoming body number.

Penalties will apply for not advertising or falsifying an identity number. Exemptions will apply for animals under 12 weeks of age and for working dogs that are not required to be microchipped.

Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton said the register would go a long way to make sure families are fully informed on the history of their new pet.

“We know just how important animals are in the family home and we want to make sure that people can easily access information to ensure their pet has been well looked after,” Ms Upton said.

Breeder identification numbers will continue to be available for free through the register.

Find out more about the current NSW Pet Registry

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