Pokies to be capped in high-risk communities

Published: 7 Mar 2018

New gambling reforms will ensure no extra gaming machines can be added to areas with a high risk of problem gambling in NSW.

The NSW Government will overhaul the Local Impact Assessment (LIA) scheme that regulates gaming machine movements, with a stronger focus on communities with the highest potential for problem gambling.

Community organisations will be notified when a gaming machine application is made, and community consultation will run for longer periods.

In high-risk areas such as Fairfield in western Sydney, pokies will be capped at their current number and no additional machines can move into these areas.

The gambling reforms introduced into NSW Parliament also includes tougher penalties, including increased fines, for directors and wagering operators who do the wrong thing.

Minister for Racing Paul Toole said the caps are an appropriate response to concerns that some areas have too many gaming machines.

“A number of councils and community groups suggested caps and the NSW Government agrees this is the right thing to do in higher-risk areas,” Mr Toole said.

“These changes will deliver more transparency, more community consultation and greater certainty for industry.”

The NSW Government will provide better access to gaming machine data, including comprehensive activity and profit statistics.

Learn more about the reforms on the Liquor and Gaming NSW website

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