Puppy scam warning

Published: 20 Aug 2020

Those looking to buy a new puppy are being warned to be careful of scams, including fake ads online.

Scammers are posting fake ads on websites, in newspapers and on social media platforms asking for thousands of dollars for a non-existent puppy.

The demand for puppies have increased during COVID-19. Due to the risk of spreading the virus, people haven’t been able to meet their new puppy before committing to the sale.

The safest option is to purchase a puppy you can meet in person before paying any money. If you can’t meet the puppy due to COVID-19, people are encouraged to hold off.

People are being asked to research breeder credentials online and find out the usual price of the puppy. If the price is significantly higher or lower than the going rate, that’s a good indicator something isn’t right.

Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson said even though puppies soon become members of the family, they should still be looked at as an investment.

“We know every dollar counts at the moment and being scammed out of thousands of dollars is the last thing NSW families need,” Mr Anderson said.

Victims of fraud should contact their financial institution and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission immediately to report the scam. 

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