Scope of OneCX Program

The OneCX Program is making it easier for NSW citizens, businesses, visitors and public servants to find and use NSW Government information and services. 

The current program scope includes websites that are: 

  • customer-facing
  • informational (rather than transactional).

We aim to be the trusted source of truth through:

  • customer centricity: user journeys centred around customer needs, not the structures of government
  • improved search: an improved search experience with fewer competing pages of duplicate or similar content
  • consistent experience: consistent digital experience, so customers don’t need to relearn how to use individual government sites
  • data-driven approach: use data insights for continuous improvement.  

What’s out of scope?

The key areas that are out of scope for this program are: 

  • intranets and other internal-facing digital products 
  • mobile apps
  • social media
  • custom tools or functionality that agencies would continue to maintain (as part of this work, we may develop an API to allow customers to access data from 
  • online transactions that would be on Service NSW 
  • websites that are exempt from the program. 
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