Improving the economic, social and physical wellbeing of women in NSW contributes to our communities, our economy, and the lives of many.


How are women experiencing government services in NSW?

We asked women in NSW about their experiences interacting with different government services, including how easy they found their interaction with the service, how satisfied they were with their service experience, and to what extent they trusted the service to be working in their best interests.

Here’s what women told us


of women find it easy to interact with NSW Government services.


of women are satisfied with their experience with NSW Government services.


of women trust NSW Government services are working in their best interests.

About women in NSW 

Women make up half of the population in NSW. It is critical women can freely participate in all aspects of life, that government services reflect their needs, and have equal opportunities to engage in social and economic activity.

There are over

4 million

women living in NSW, representing 51% of the state's population.1

Female life expectancy at birth is

85 years

compared to male life expectancy at birth of 81 years.2


of women participate in the labour force, compared to 70% for men. Women are significantly more likely to be employed in part-time work compared to men.

In 2019


of undergraduate degrees and 59% of postgraduate degrees were earned by women.4

How well are we delivering on our Customer Commitments to women?

The NSW Customer Commitments are our promise to customers on what to expect when interacting with our services.  These commitments help us to put customers at the heart of our services and everything we do. 

There are 6 Commitments that our services seek to deliver on for customers: easy to access, act with empathy, respect my time, explain what to expect, resolve the situation, and engage the community.

Here’s what women told us based on their experience



81% of women surveyed found government services easy to access.



76% of women surveyed agreed that services delivered on our commitment to act with empathy.



72% of women surveyed agreed that their time was respected throughout their service experience.



72% of women surveyed agreed that services explained what to expect.



80% of women surveyed agreed that their situation was resolved.



53% of women surveyed agreed that government is engaging with customers to ask for feedback and how they want services to be delivered.

Case studies



Empowering women to be financially confident

The Women’s Financial Toolkit has brought together free and trusted online resources to help women find reliable information on money and finance matters.



Empowering women in the workplace

Women’s Economic Opportunities Review supports women to enter, re-enter and stay in the workforce, improving their economic security and wellbeing.



Paving the way for women returning to work

The Return to Work Program helps equip women with the information, technology and financial support they need to get back into the workforce.

Find out more about the report

Case studies

See examples of how we embed a customer focused approach to services, programs and initiatives.


Find out how our customers are experiencing our services. They include the people, communities and businesses of NSW.

Customer Commitments

Read about our promise to customers on what to expect when interacting with our services.

Key metrics

Find how State of the Customer reports on our goal to deliver easy, effective, and trustworthy services.


See a range of services we deliver that cater to customers with different needs and circumstances.


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About the women’s data

1 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): 2021 Census of Population and Housing. Persons: Females - New South Wales.
2 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): Life Tables: Table 1.1, Life Tables, New South Wales, 2018-2020, November 2021
3 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS): 6202.0 Labour Force, Australia: Table 4. Labour force status by Sex, seasonally-adjusted, New South Wales Labour Force, Australia, June 2022.
4 NSW Gender equality dashboard 2019, Higher education completions, viewed 22 July 2022.

CXS Source: NSW Government Customer Experience Survey (CXS). About the survey methodology.

Fieldwork: January to June 2022.
Questions: Thinking about your experience with the government service…

  • How easy or difficult was it to do this?
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with this experience?
  • To what extent do you trust the government service to be working in your best interests?
  • We would like your opinion on [CUSTOMER COMMITMENT]. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the statements below.

Base: Women who have interacted with government services in the last 12 months.
Sample sizes: Ease and Satisfaction (n=6282), Trust (n=6356), Customer Commitments (various n=4545 to 6356).
Definitions and notes:

  • Ease of service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Very easy’ or ‘Somewhat easy’.
  • Satisfaction with service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Somewhat satisfied’.
  • Trust in service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Trust a great deal’ or ‘Somewhat trust’.
  • Responses to the Customer Commitment questions are calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Strongly agree’ or ‘Somewhat agree’ and it excludes ‘Not applicable’ responses.
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