Police and justice

Police and justice refer to the services that provide legal support and help to prevent and reduce violence and crime to ensure our communities are fair and safe. This includes NSW Police, NSW Courts and Tribunals, Corrective Services NSW, Legal Aid NSW, and NSW Trustee & Guardian services.


Police and justice services in NSW


police officers in the NSW Police Force.1


criminal court cases finalised.2


behaviour change sessions conducted with offenders to reduce reoffending.3


urgent response calls to NSW Police.1


total client services provided by Legal Aid NSW services.4


customers received NSW Trustee & Guardian services.5

How are customers experiencing these services?

We asked customers how well we were delivering on our Customer Commitments based on their experience with police and justice services in NSW. Here’s what they said is working well and where we need to improve.

What are we doing well?

The following statements highlight areas that most respondents agree are working well for them.

  • I was treated with respect.
  • I was treated fairly.
  • The information was simple to understand.
  • I was treated with care.
  • I felt that I was listened to.

Where can we improve?

The following statements highlight areas that need improvement, based on the least number of respondents agreeing with the statements.

  • I felt I was able to provide feedback on how the service could be improved to better meet my needs.
  • I felt I was able to provide feedback on the service I received.
  • The process took very little time.
  • They were proactive in keeping me informed
  • I did not have to wait longer than necessary for the service I required.

Here’s what customers told us about police and justice services in NSW


71% of customers found these services to be easy to access.


71% felt that service staff acted with empathy in their interaction with the service.


64% of customers felt their time was respected.


66% of customers felt the service explained what to expect.


70% of customers felt their situation was resolved.


44% of customers felt the service allowed them to provide feedback.

Case study


Improving first responder and community safety

Modernising technology and equipment will help police keep the community safe by giving officers access to critical information at their finger tips.

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About the police and justice data

1 NSW Police Force Annual Report 2020-21.
2 NSW Criminal Courts Statistics, 2021, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.
3 Department of Communities and Justice 2020-21 Annual Report.
4 Legal Aid NSW Annual Report 2020-21.
5 NSW Trustee & Guardian Annual Report 2020-21.

CXS Source: NSW Government Customer Experience Survey (CXS). About the survey methodology.

Fieldwork: January to June 2022.
Questions: Thinking about your experience with the government service…

  • How easy or difficult was it to do this?
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with this experience?
  • To what extent do you trust the government service to be working in your best interests?
  • We would like your opinion on [CUSTOMER COMMITMENT]. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the statements below.

Base: Customers who have interacted with police and justice services in the last 12 months.
Sample sizes: Ease and Satisfaction (n=1327), Trust (n=1351), Customer Commitments (various n=1085 to 1351).
Definitions and notes:

  • Ease of service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Very easy’ or ‘Somewhat easy’.
  • Satisfaction with service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Somewhat satisfied’.
  • Trust in service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Trust a great deal’ or ‘Somewhat trust’.
  • Responses to the Customer Commitment questions are calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Strongly agree’ or ‘Somewhat agree’ and it excludes ‘Not applicable’ responses.
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