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Who'd a Thought It Lookout, Quirindi NSW
View from Who'd A Thought It Lookout, Quirindi, NSW

Geography of NSW

Published 5th October, 2016

The state of NSW is divided by natural features into four distinct geographical sections.

The Coast

A thin coastal strip stretching along 1460 km from the subtropical Northern Rivers region near Queensland, through the mid-north Coast, Hunter, Sydney, Illawarra and Shoalhaven down to the chillier far south coast.

The Mountains

The Great Dividing Range, which includes the Snowy Mountains, the Northern, Central and Southern Tablelands, the Southern Highlands, and the South West Slopes. Although these mountains aren't steep, many peaks rise above 1000 metres high, and they are one of the oldest mountain chains on earth.

The Central Plains

The cultivated central plains spread 500km from east to west and are the agricultural powerhouse of the NSW economy due to the rich, fertile soil and adequate water supply.

The Western Plains

The arid Western Plains cover more than two thirds of the state, though they are sparsely populated compared to the coastal regions. The land itself is fertile enough, however is hampered by poor rainfall and inadequate river systems.

Published 5th October, 2016
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