Shoppers in Pitt St Mall, Sydney


Published 23rd September

NSW has the highest population of any state in Australia, with 7.7 million residents as of December 2015 – roughly 63 per cent of which lives in Greater Sydney.

NSW is the most successfully multicultural community in Australia. We speak more than 83 different languages and practice 136 different religions. Over 28 per cent of NSW residents were born overseas according to the 2011 census, with 47 per cent of us having one parent born overseas.

Our state also has a rapidly expanding population, growing by and roughly 106,100 people annually – the fastest growing population in Australia. Greater Sydney and Newcastle have the highest population densities in the state, with 391 and 423 people per square kilometre.

NSW is also home to a booming transportation link – Sydney Airport is a major hub for international travel and as such Sydney plays host to a steady tourism industry.

Published 23rd September