24-hour economy in Greater Sydney

The Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner is building vibrant, diverse, inclusive and safe 24-hour economies across Greater Sydney in consultation with councils, businesses and the community.


Key initiatives


Accreditation: going-out areas

Purple Flag is an international program assessing going-out areas against criteria including public transport access, street lighting and entertainment offerings.  


Culture Up Late: Museums, galleries

Supporting museums and galleries to open to 9pm. Access to world-class exhibitions, live music, DJ sets, film screenings, workshops, talks, pop-up bars and dining. Photo: Destination NSW.


Capacity building: Uptown

For the first time in 2022, teams of businesses in a local area were able to apply to take part in a program to build their capacity and networks with an opportunity to later apply for seed funding.

Our collaborative approach

Learn more about our collaborative and coordinated effort between the NSW Government, local councils, industry and communities for a 24-hour economy in Greater Sydney. 

24-Hour Economy Strategy


Together we're working to...

Our strategy lays out five pillars to transform Sydney into a 24-hour economic centre, working with business, communities and government.

Encourage diverse night-time activities

Encourage the diversification of night-time activities by supporting a wider variety of businesses at night.

Develop industry and culture

Support industry and cultural development to help businesses and cultural entrepreneurs access and thrive in the 24-hour economy.

Improve mobility and connectivity

Explore ways to enhance mobility and improve connectivity between 24-hour hubs through safe and reliable transport.

Integrate planning and place-making

We're increasing collaboration between industry, state and local government to build an environment where a 24-hour economy can thrive.

Encourage positive change

We're working to change the narrative to bring locals and outside visitors into Sydney at night, observing and encouraging healthy behaviours.

Measuring our shared success

To measure the impact of the 24-hour Economy Strategy, each year we deliver a report on the progress of the initiatives under the Action Plan.

View and download the Measuring Success of the NSW 24-Hour Economy Strategy.


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Meet our people

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Our Commissioner

Meet Michael Rodrigues, the state's first 24-Hour Economy Commissioner.


Our Advisory Group

Our members support the NSW Government to turbocharge job creation and night-time business activity.

Stay up to date


Listen to our podcast series

Commissioner Michael Rodrigues explores what it means to build a 24-hour economy through a series of interviews with the best and brightest across industry and government.

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Access our Year in Review

This publication documents the Office’s first 12 months of operation, highlighting key initiatives and areas of focus with respect to the 24-Hour Economy Strategy.


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