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Unsolicited Proposals

Published 23rd February, 2018

The NSW Government is continually seeking to capture value and explore unique and innovative ideas from industry that provide real and tangible benefits to the people of NSW.


The NSW Government is seeking suppliers that have the capacity to provide critical supplies, raw materials or manufacturing capability to produce critical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis. Proposals are being managed by Procurement NSW. Register your business now.

While the scheme is currently focused on medical supplies, there are plans to broaden the scope in the near future. If you have a non-medical proposal that you think may be of interest to the NSW Government, please contact NSW Procurement.

The Unsolicited Proposals process is designed to encourage non-government sector participants to approach government with innovative commercial proposals, where the government has not requested a proposal and the proponent is uniquely placed to provide a value-for-money solution. Its key objective is to provide consistency and certainty to non-government sector participants seeking to deal directly with the government.

The Guide (PDF, 787kb) sets out how unsolicited proposals will be assessed within a transparent framework. The key criteria are uniqueness, value for money and strategic fit with government objectives. It outlines a clear and streamlined process to facilitate the NSW Government and non-government sectors working together to develop and deliver innovative ideas, services and new infrastructure.

The August 2017 update incorporates the recommendations from two Performance Audits conducted by the Audit Office of NSW (Managing Unsolicited Proposals in NSW, 2016 and NorthConnex, 2017) and the most recent periodic review (2016), providing greater clarity and public reporting.

The First Step in the Process: Pre-Lodgement Meeting

An optional initial, pre-lodgement meeting between the proponent and the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is recommended to formally explore whether the proposal is likely to meet the Stage 1 assessment criteria, in particular the uniqueness criteria, and to guide proponents in their decision regarding whether to lodge their proposal.

Proponent Responsibilities

In order for this meeting to be helpful, the proposal needs to be developed to a stage where the key inputs and outcomes have been identified, key assumptions and requirements of government are clear, and other key elements have been identified. In particular, the unique ability of the proponent to deliver the proposal should be demonstrated and documented. The initial Schedule of Requirements (DOCX, 25kb) at section 7 of the Guide should be completed, as well as the Pre-Lodgement Meeting Checklist (PDF, 87kb) at section 8. Irrespective of the outcomes of this meeting, proponents may lodge their proposal formally.

Government Responsibilities

Where the government is of the view that there is little prospect of the uniqueness criteria being met, it will communicate this to the proponent. In such circumstances, the government reserves the right not to advance the assessment of the proposal to Stage 1.

Arrange a Pre-Lodgement Meeting

The pre-lodgement meeting is not a compulsory stage, but proponents planning to formally submit an unsolicited proposal are strongly advised to arrange such a meeting with DPC, prior to committing substantial resources for the development of the proposal.

In order to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, please contact Con Kargas on (02) 9228 5407 or email us.

Current/Completed Proposals

Proposals under assessment - stages 2 and 3

Ganellen Pty Ltd – Kogarah Station Precinct 2

Proposal details (PDF, 245kb)

Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited (USS) – Train Service Fee Monetisation Proposal 2

Proposal details (PDF, 176kb)

Dexus and Frasers Property Australia  Henry Deane Plaza Redevelopment 2

Proposal details (PDF, 148kb)

Built Development Group Pty Ltd  – Unsolicited Proposal for the leasehold purchase of 50 Phillip Street, Sydney 2

Proposal details (PDF, 110kb)

Carsingha Investments Pty Ltd  Renewal of the Entertainment Quarter (EQ) 2

Proposal details (PDF, 58kb)

Mirvac Group  Harbourside Revitalisation 2

Proposal details (PDF, 119kb)

TOGA Pty Ltd – Western Gateway Development 2  Proposal details (PDF, 125kb)

Completed proposals

Macquarie Group Limited – Sydney Metro City & Southwest, Martin Place Station

Proposal to deliver a single fully integrated station/over station development solution for the new Sydney Metro Martin Place Station

AMP Capital and Macquarie University - "Macquarie Square" New transport interchange and town centre at Macquarie Park (Herring Rd). The proposal did not proceed past Stage 2 of the process.
IFM Investors Pty Ltd and AustralianSuper Pty Ltd

Proposal for the partial long term lease of Ausgrid.

Brookfield Office Properties Australia Pty Ltd - "Wynyard Place"

Proposal for a grand transit hall and public concourse at Wynyard Station together with a new entrance from George Street.

Read the Wynyard Place Delivery Agreement


Proposal to construct a tunnel link between the M1 and M2 motorways. Find out more at the NorthConnex website

Crown Sydney Resort Project

The Government approved Crown's Final Binding Offer on 11 November 2013, and the same month the NSW Parliament passed legislation that enabled Crown to apply for a restricted gaming facility licence at Barangaroo South. The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) has completed its investigations and considerations, and has granted a restricted gaming licence to Crown to operate the Barangaroo restricted gaming facility from 15 November 2019. Please see the ILGA website and the Crown Stage 3 Outcomes and Transaction Summary for additional information.

Echo Entertainment Group Proposal to extend The Star's exclusivity arrangement post 2019. 
The proposal did not proceed past Stage 2 of the process.
University of Sydney The government finalised the sale of the Queen Mary Building, Camperdown to the University of Sydney on 10 October 2013. The building will be used for affordable student accommodation.
University of Western Sydney Proposal to acquire surplus government lands at Rydalmere for higher education purposes.
Proposal withdrawn.

Unsolicited proposals received 2018-19

In the 2018-19 financial year, the Department of Premier and Cabinet received a total of eight unsolicited proposals. The table below outlines the number of proposals received in each industry category.

CategoryNo. received
Property 4
Service 1
Transport 1
Infrastructure 1
Health 1
Total 8

Of these eight proposals, one is current (as at 30 June 2019), four did not proceed past the initial assessment stage and three were referred to another agency for consideration (outside the unsolicited proposals framework).

The table below outlines the reasons for not progressing the four proposals past the initial assessment stage. Each proposal may not have met multiple criteria.

ReasonNo. of proposals
Uniqueness 3
Inconsistent with government policy 3

In FY2018-19, one proposal was:

  • Accepted by the government: Macquarie Group – Sydney Metro Martin Place Integrated Station Development.
  • Approved to proceed to Stage 2: Dexus and Frasers Property Australia – Henry Deane Plaza Redevelopment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an unsolicited proposal?

An Unsolicited Proposal is an approach to government from a proponent with a proposal to deal directly with the government over a commercial proposition, where the government has not requested the proposal. This may include proposals to build and/or finance infrastructure, provide goods or services, or undertake a major commercial transaction.

Section 2.2 of the Guide (PDF, 787kb) describes proposals that may not qualify.

Does it cost anything to submit an unsolicited proposal?

No, there is no cost (fee) in submitting an unsolicited proposal. Proponents are expected to meet their own costs as proposals progress through the various stages of the process.

How do I submit a formal proposal?

Proposals should be submitted to the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Find out how to lodge a proposal

Will proposals that relate to a matter currently the subject of a competitive tender process be considered?

Section 2.2 of the Guide states that proposals for projects where a tender process has formally commenced, whether published or not, are unlikely to be considered.

Can I submit an unsolicited proposal to a NSW Government agency other than the Department of Premier and Cabinet?

No, the Department of Premier and Cabinet is charged with the role of assessing and evaluating unsolicited proposals in New South Wales.

Why submit an unsolicited proposal if it might be subject to a competitive tender process?

An unsolicited proposal can be a valuable means for communicating innovative ideas to the NSW Government. If a proposal does not satisfy the assessment criteria set out in the Guide but the government sees merit in the proposal (or similar), the government may consider offering delivery of the proposal to the market.

In the event that a competitive tender process is considered appropriate, the government will respect any intellectual property of the proponent. The proponent may participate in any procurement process.


Is it compulsory to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting with the Department of Premier and Cabinet before making a formal submission?

A pre-lodgement meeting with the Department of Premier and Cabinet is not compulsory. However, proponents are strongly encouraged to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting to discuss the proposal in order for proponents to best prepare for a formal submission, should they decide to make one.

How can I arrange for a pre-lodgement meeting?

Contact Mr Con Kargas on (02) 9228 5407. Alternatively, you may email us.


How long does each stage of the unsolicited proposals process take?

The timeframe for each stage of the unsolicited proposals process is subject to the complexity of the proposal and the number of stakeholders involved.

How detailed should the initial submission be?

For the purposes of evaluating a proposal under Stage 1, proponents should complete the Schedule of Information Requirements (DOCX, 25kb).

Is there a minimum threshold for proposals that can be assessed under the unsolicited proposals guidelines?

No, there is no minimum monetary threshold for proposals that can be assessed. All innovative proposals that address the assessment criteria under the Guide will be considered.

My proposal contains commercial-in-confidence information. How will this be treated throughout the unsolicited proposals process?

All unsolicited proposals submitted are confidential unless they reach Stage 2 of the process where details of the proposal will be published on the NSW Government website.

My proposal contains details on intellectual property that I hold. How will this be treated throughout the unsolicited proposals process?

Government will respect any intellectual property of proponents throughout all stages of the unsolicited proposals process.

I want to submit a proposal which involves a PPP arrangement with the NSW Government. Are there any other matters that need to be considered?

Proposals which involve a PPP arrangement with government will also be considered within the context of the NSW PPP Guidelines and National PPP Guidelines. Further information on these guidelines can be found on the NSW Treasury website.

Will proposals that involve obtaining a grant from the government be considered?

Section 2.2 of the Guide states that proposals seeking grants (e.g. scientific research) are unlikely to be considered.

I would like to apply for a grant or financial assistance. Where do I go?

Subject to the nature of your request, there are a number of financial assistance programs available:

What if I have an innovative idea that doesn’t really qualify to be assessed under the unsolicited proposals framework?

You can submit innovative ideas that address a government priority at the NSW Innovation Concierge

What if I have a product or service that I think the government may be interested in, but is unlikely to qualify as an unsolicited proposal?

The NSW Government’s ‘Prequalification Schemes’ allow organisations to apply to become prequalified so agencies can find suppliers prequalified to work with government. Find out further information

What if I have a product and/or service that is likely to be subject to a tender? How will I obtain details about the tender?

You may register to receive email notifications of any relevant upcoming tenders. Register here

Can I submit additional documentation (attachments) with my unsolicited proposal?

Proponents are able to submit any additional documentation or material with their unsolicited proposal application, provided that such material is relevant to addressing the questions raised in the Schedule of Information Requirements.


Who can I contact after I have made a submission?

The contact details of a Proposal Manager will be provided.

My proposal did not proceed to Stage 2. Can I receive feedback on my proposal?

Proponents that are unsuccessful in Stage 1 of the unsolicited proposals process will be given reasons on why the government has decided not to proceed with their proposal. Feedback will be in accordance with the assessment criteria outlined in the Guide.

I have submitted a proposal. Can I contact other government departments during the assessment of my proposal?

Proponents are required to not contact people in the government during the assessment of their proposal, other than the Proposal Manager.

Lodgement and Enquiries


Prior to lodging a submission, the proponent should:

After this, proponents wishing to make a formal submission should finalise the Schedule of Information Requirements (DOCX, 25kb) and attach any other relevant information.

All initial submissions should be forwarded to:

NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001


Proponents contemplating lodging an unsolicited proposal are strongly encouraged to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting with the Department of Premier and Cabinet to seek clarity on the process and criteria.

Send an enquiry

If you have an unsolicited proposal related enquiry, submit your details by email.

If you wish to lodge documentation for the purposes of a pre-lodgement meeting, submit your documentation by email.

If your enquiry does not relate to an unsolicited proposal, use the NSW Gov Directory

Published 23rd February, 2018
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