Plan your trip

Are you going on a trip in NSW? Here are some resources to help you plan your journey.

Using a phone to plan a journey

Live Traffic NSW

See the latest traffic conditions on NSW roads.
Live Traffic NSW


Rest areas map

Find a place to stop and refresh during your trip.
NSW Rest areas map

Toll calculator

Calculate the cost of tolls on your journey.

Toll calculator

Planning tools and information

Find tips and tools to help you plan your trip, including information on planned road closures, vehicle restrictions and vehicle ferries.

Holiday driving

Find resources for having a safe trip on the road during holiday periods, including tips on driving in snow, and Driver Reviver rest stops to help you stay alert.

Visiting or moving to NSW

Everything you need to know about driving in NSW as a visitor from another state or country. Learn how to convert your licence if you move to NSW.

Trip planner

Search transport options, compare travel times, connections and fares, and see your whole journey mapped out.

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